Does your little one have a dummy? Do they wake multiple times throughout the night because it has fallen out of their mouth, they can’t find it by themselves but they need it to settle them back to sleep? If you answered yes, then we have the solution for you.

Sleepytot was developed by a first time mum who was in the same situation. Her little boy reached 5 months old and suddenly she was getting up countless times every night to place the dummy back into his mouth so he could settle back to sleep. They were both not ready to give the dummy up so she made it her mission to find a solution, something that would help her baby boy to find his dummy by himself, but she was unsuccessful. This led to the idea of Sleepytot baby comforters, a soft and cuddly comforter that was safe to use, easy to hold and dummies could easily be attached to it but they could also be removed for cleaning.

What Is Special About Sleepytot Comforters?

  • These comforters have small velcro paws that can be used to attach dummies and teethers, that assist with comforting and soothing your baby and enables them to be able to find their dummy again by themself. This means more sleep for everyone.
  • It can be attached to cot bars, car seats and buggies to comfort babies safely from birth both on the move or at home.
  • No loose parts, means it is completely safe for your baby and can also be securely attached to the cot bars for extra protection.
  • The cute and cuddly design is the perfect place for little heads to rest during changing on hard surfaces and in supermarket trolleys whilst shopping.
  • When the time comes to give up the dummy, the comforter can make the transition easier because they still have something to cuddle and soothe them.
  • Toddlers also love these characters because there are so many ways to play with them and they will find many uses for the velcro paws.
  • Now with improved velcro fastenings providing a stronger and longer lasting grip, the Sleepytot is simple to use. Just open the paw, attach a dummy or teether and close the paws again.
  • Most importantly, the comforter is machine washable at 30 degrees. It is recommended that the paws are closed prior to washing and it is placed inside a pillowcase to preserve the velcro.

At What Age Can My Baby Use Sleepytot?

Sleepytot can be introduced from birth under supervision. You could use it as a comforter and place it between you and baby during feeds so that it absorbs your scent and then attach it to the side of the cot during naps so that it becomes a familiar item that provides a comforting and reassuring smell at the same time.

When your baby can use it more independently really depends on their development. They need to be old enough and mobile enough to be able to find and move the Sleepytot unaided. This age can vary but generally some babies can do this from around 5 months, others may have to wait until around 6 or 7 months.

How To Use Sleepytot

A good starting point would be to introduce sleepytot to your baby during the day time. This way they can become familiar with it and practise using it whilst being supervised.

Attach up to four dummies to the paws and allow your baby to explore the options. When your baby loses the sleepytot, you can guide their hand to find it. Try not replace it yourself because you want your baby to find it independently and this will go against everything you are trying to achieve. Once your baby associates the Sleepytot with their dummies they will soon learn that they can replace it by themselves. This may take a few nights to get used to but they will soon get the hang of it.

Here are some of the choices available at Daisy Baby Shop:

Sleepytot Dummy Holding Comforter - Fox

Sleepytot Dummy Holding Comforter - Cow

Sleepytot Dummy Holding Comforter - Pink Bunny

Sleepytot Dummy Holding Comforter - Cream Lamb

With several lovable characters and colours to choose from, browse the full Sleepytot collection here. You can be sure that you will find a Sleepytot Comforter that your little one will adore and that it will provide comfort and security right through their early years.


Post By Kelly Trethewey