Hopefully by now you’ve had a bit of practice and you’re pretty confident with tying your Mei Tai sling in the front carry position. If not, don’t worry; our previous blog post is still available. Today, though, we’ll be moving on to the back carry position.

This is a beginner’s method of tying a Mei Tai sling in the back carry position but as before, get someone to help you or practice with a soft toy at first.

  1. Firstly, lay your Mei Tai sling down on an armchair or sofa with the side (Decorative or black) you want on show face down. Make sure that the waist straps are at the bottom, and the shoulder straps at the top, and that these are spread out. Our previous blog can help you identify which one is which.
  2. Place your baby onto the main panel of your Mei Tai sling, then bring the bottom of the sling up between your baby’s legs.
  3. Sit down on the chair in front of your baby, so that they’re in the middle of your back with their legs straddling you. Take the two bottom straps and tie them firmly around your waist.
  4. You may want some help with this stage at first, but take the shoulder straps of your Mei Tai sling and pull them over your shoulders. This will bring the main panel of the sling up to your baby’s back and then will pull your baby up onto your back.
  5. Again, you might want someone to help support your baby during this stage. Slowly stand up while holding the shoulder straps tightly. Gently bounce your baby a couple of times when you’re fully upright, as this will make sure that your baby is securely settled into the Mei Tai sling.
  6. Once you’re happy that baby is secure and comfortable in the sling, bring the shoulder straps over your shoulders and behind you. You may want to cross them over your chest, or straight under your arms. Both methods are fine, it all depends on whatever you find more comfortable.
  7. With the straps behind you, tie them in a knot underneath your baby’s bottom if they’re a little older or behind their back if they’re younger or smaller. If the straps of your Mei Tai sling are long enough once they’re behind you, you could cross them instead of knotting them and then bring them under your baby’s legs, tying the straps in front of you. This might give you better piece of mind as it will be a little easier for you to check the tightness of the knot.

One of the great things about Mei Tai slings is the variety of ways that they can be tied, making them suitable for any situation. Next, we’ll look at a more advanced way of tying the sling onto your back and then we’ll move on to look at the hip carry which is great for older babies or toddlers.

As always, be sure to share any hints or tips that you might have for other parents using or thinking of getting a Mei Tai sling. You can comment below, post on our Facebook wall or mention @DaisyBabyShop on Twitter!

Post By Marc