As well as our fantastic Mei Tai slings, we also stock ring slings. These traditional slings are made from a long piece of material with two rings at one end. To put a ring sling on, you put the rings over one shoulder to your front, then bring the cloth down your back, over your hip and then up your front to the rings. Then, the end is threaded through the rings like a belt. The baby then sits or lies in the sling against your hip.

The sling stays in place due to the weight of the baby, the friction of the fabric and the two rings. This makes them really secure, and they can be taken on or off without having to completely undo them. Also, they are easily adjustable so both parents can easily wear them.

When in the ring sling, the baby is able to sit or lie, and they are better for breastfeeding than Mei Tai slings. However, breastfeeding in a sling does take practice, and you need to proficient at both feeding and babywearing separately before attempting it. Once you are, it’s a case of latching your baby on while in a loosened sling, and then tightening it gradually. You can then get up and move around, with both hands free.

Of course, like all slings, you must be aware of your baby at all times. While a sitting position is less risk, you must be sure that the sling is tight and secure, and supports your baby properly and that there is no danger of them slipping out. When lying down, you must check to ensure that your baby’s face, nose and mouth are visible at all times.

Suitable for babies from birth to 35lbs, the ring sling is a great choice for convenience for both parents, as well as breastfeeding while out and about or at home.

Post By Marc