If, after reading yesterday’s blog, you want to try babywearing and make the switch to using slings, it can be a little confusing knowing where to start. Over the next few days we’ll be taking a look at the different slings that we have for sale here at Daisy Baby, so that you can purchase the sling that’s perfect for you and your child.

Mei Tai slings are easily our most popular variety of sling, and they’re also great for beginners to use. They feature a square body with four long straps; two that tie over your shoulders and two that tie around your waist. We also sell Mai Tei slings with a detachable hood and a zip pocket, and the long straps make them suitable for men and women to wear.

This design of the sling is fantastic for you and for your baby. The straps at the waist help spread your baby’s weight over your hips as well as your shoulders, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. When in the sling, your baby is positioned so that they are sitting, which helps the development of their spine and hips.

Mei Tais are suitable for use from birth right up until your child is a toddler, and they can be worn either on your front and back. They’re also very easy to put on, and after a little practice, can be done on your own.

We have an incredible range of designs for our Mei Tai slings, and each one is reversible into plain black. As the fabric is so soft, they’re easily folded away into a bag and don’t take up much room. Full instructions are sent with every sling that will teach you how to tie it in front or behind you, as well as so your baby is sat on your hip.

Comfortable, easy to use and good for you and your baby; Mei Tai slings make the perfect introduction to babywearing!

Post By Marc