Here at Daisy Baby, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier and happier for both baby and parents, and our fantastic range of Mei Tai slings go a long way to achieving this. However, we also have a great selection of accessories from Koo-di that you shouldn’t be without.

Image of Stroller Lock

When I was researching this product, I was amazed to find out that buggy and pram thefts are worth £60m a year and that there’s a buzzing black market trading in stolen prams. I know that I’ve left my pram empty and unattended at times, and I would have been devastated (Not to mention out of pocket!) if anything had happened to it. That’s why the Koo-di Stroller Lock is so fantastic. The lock is retractable, so it easily slips into a handbag or nappy bag, although it can also be used to secure these onto the pram. The combination lock makes it so easy to use, and I never take my pram out without it.

Image of Fridge To Go - Mini

When going out on day trips, I tried everything to keep bottles and food cool but nothing ever worked as well as I would have liked. Even if the items were cool, they were often soggy which is a bit of a nightmare if you’ve packed sandwiches! With Koo-di’s Fridge To Go I had none of those problems. There are two sizes available, and the Maxi keeps food cool for up to 8 hours! They’re easy to clean, and even come with plastic bottles and food containers.

Image of Pack-It Seat Harness - Black

Finally, Koo-di’s seat harness will completely change eating out with your baby! Any parent will tell you about the nightmare of getting a baby seat in some restaurants, but with this harness you don’t need to. It simply pops over the back of the chair and strapping your baby in! It even comes with a pouch for quick storage.

We hope you’ll agree that these items are must-haves, and will help make days out easier, more convenient and even safer.

What accessories can you and your baby not leave the house without? Leave us a comment below, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Post By Marc