Fashion and function are a combination rarely matched when it comes to babies, and 'accessories' are event today generally still unconventional. We assume many parents don't see the point; an infant doesn't know if something clashes or what goes nicely with a bib, so why bother. Well, as Swedish Design company Elodie Details point out, YOU don't stop caring about style when you become a parent, and we feel they're mission to make babyware that something both useful and to be admired is a terrific idea. That's why we've introduced their flagship Designer Dummy Clips to the Teething section of Daisy Baby!

In their playful way, its inevitable for babies to end up dropping/throwing/launching their pacifiers to the ground. This either ends up with them getting lost, or worse gets them rather dirty - the last thing you'd want with something they're going to put back in their mouth! Dummy chains and tags are a common solution to this problem, keeping the soother attached to your little one at all times.

Of course, they can sometimes look rather gaudy, and very plain. Elodie Detail's product, whilst useful with a clip on the tail end to hook onto your baby's clothes, stroller, chair etc. and a silicone ring that attaches to most pacifier designs, all look gorgeous. The one on the left for example, Angel Lace, is made to be a gift for Christenings, with its beautiful white frilliness and soft fabric.

Elodie Details do a great job in elevating all those little products of everyday baby life in to the stylish accessories they all have potential to be. Their Dummy clips comply to European safety standard EN-12586, and as of right now are available on Daisy Baby in 14 different designs.

Do you like to accessorize your baby in any way? Share us your favourite style choices, especially if you have any photos, with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And please let us know what you think of Elodie Details' Dumym Clips, and which design you love the most!

Post By Graham

Graham Ashton