Summer time is such a fun time of year for young children. Not only can we start taking advantage of the numerous outdoor activities, but it also gives us the chance to expose our children to some much needed fresh air after the gruelling winter months. However it is important to ensure that your baby stays safe and protected during the heat and the sun's rays, whether this is during long walks on the beach or just a simple afternoon nap. Here at Daisy Baby we have selected range of baby essentials that will make this summer the best ever, whilst keeping your little one healthy, safe and happy.


Shade Cover for Pushchairs

During the summer holidays, most parents at some point have to deal with travelling with little ones whether this is just a simple day out or a long trek to meet family members. This means that children often spend more time than usual in the car or pushchair which can often be uncomfortable. Within our summer collection we have included a range of sun shades, waterproof seat pads and even pushchair canopies to ensure your baby's delicate skin is protected. Easy to assemble, travelling can now become stress-free.

Bed Time

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Whilst your baby sleeps, their body temperature increases and in the summer months this can also increase the danger of over heating. Our range of breathable baby nests help prevent the risk of uncomfortable rashes and a disturbed sleeping pattern. A must have during any hot spell.

Out & About

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We all love family days out together, but if your little one is walking, the fear of large crowds can cause anxiety for both you and your toddler. Our reins and harnesses allow your child to roam freely whilst still offering that extra piece of security especially if your child is extraordinarily inquisitive.

So this summer make sure your baby stays safe whilst enjoying the great outdoors with our brilliant range. For our entire collection click here.

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Lauren Smith