The sun is out which means that summer is on the way! However along with fun in the sun comes the risk of over-exposure which can lead to very painful and dangerous sun burn and damage which could lead to skin cancer later in life. All very scary we know, but with the right precautions, you and your little one can enjoy all that the summer has to offer and create precious memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

But how

do we protect our little ones from the sun in every situation? For toddlers, this can be quite a challenge as every parent knows it is difficult to get a tod

dler to sit still for 5 minutes. The key here is sun lotion, thin light layers, hats with a wide brim that cover the neck and sunglasses that offer certified UV protection. The reapplication of sun lotion in a high factor is also essential as this can wear off during the day.

For babies, protection against the sun is extremely important. Their skin is so delicate and fragile that even a slight sun burn can cause significant difficulties. Before your baby is 6 months of age it is crucial that they are kept out of the sun completely and only travel with them outside when the sun is at its weakest. But those who have lots of errands to run or more than one child can struggle to do this, meaning that you must venture out at all times of the day with baby in tow. So how can you protect your baby effectively from the sun, especially when you as a parent have so much to do? Well it all starts with a simple accessory that we love called the Dooky Shade.

Easily attaching to your baby’s buggy or pushchair, the Dooky Shade is the perfect way to protect your baby from the sun’s UV rays whilst creating a peaceful environment for them to rest in. The shade blocks sun, wind, light and noise along with UV protection SPF 40+.

With its light, breathable material the shade helps to prevent your baby from overheating, allowing air to circulate inside their buggy. Overheating is a huge risk during the summer months, with many forgetting about its dangers and focusing more on the risk of sunburn. The shade can be easily washed in the washing machine to keep it hygienic and easy to care for. The velcro strips make it adjustable so it can be rolled up or down to suit, so your baby can enjoy some privacy during nap times if required. Available in a range of colours, the Dooky Shade suits a variety of different tastes and free delivery makes it excellent value for money.

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To see how to use the Dooky Shade watch the video here.

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Lauren Smith