It’s summer time, and for all of those parents who are struggling for ideas and amazing activities to entertain your little ones during the holidays, look no further than the beautiful art of swimming.

An amazing activity, swimming not only supplies your child with an essential life skill, but is also a great way for you both to bond. Swimming also helps develop trust between the two of you as your little one turns to you for reassurance and support as they take part in something new. So whether your child is new to swimming or soon becoming an expert, our range of baby and toddler swimming essentials will help with their development and also make swimming even more fun. From armbands to swimming costumes, we have everything you need to make swimming this summer’s number one activity.

Neoprene Swim Jacket Pink

Ideal for increasing your child’s buoyancy whilst they learn to swim, Zoggs range of Swimming Jackets are the perfect way to increase your child’s confidence. With no valves to fiddle with, the jacket is easy to put on helps keep your child safe in the water.

Bobin Jacket Blue-Green

Allowing freedom of movement whilst providing buoyancy, this Bobin Jacket features puncture proof floats. Ideal for the keen swimmer, the jacket features removable floats for when your child grows in confidence.

Swim Trainer Seat 12 - 18 Months

A safe and comfortable seat that is simply perfect for your child’s first experience in the water. Suitable for children aged 12 -18 months, this seat offers back support, and allows baby to move their arms and legs freely.

Finding Dory Dory Arm Band - 2-6 Years

A classic swimming essential, these armbands feature Dory from the hit Disney Pixar animation Finding Dory.

Perfect for use in the pool, the armbands can be inflated easily and are suitable for children aged between 2-6 years.

Zoggy Mini Kickboard

Carefully designed to aid your child during swimming lessons, this kick board is durable and high in density. Featuring a cute Zoggy seal design, the kickboard will help your little one as they learn to kick their legs in the water.

Finding Dory Hank Adjustable Goggle - 0-6 Years

Keep water out of your child’s eyes as they learn to swim with these Finding Dory Hank Goggles.

Fully adjustable, the goggles are designed for ages 0-6 and feature Hank from the hit Disney Pixar animation Finding Dory.

Swimsure Nappy Blue

Designed for use in conjunction with a disposable nappy or on its own, this Swimsure Nappy is super soft with a snug waist and leg bands.

A brilliant way for your baby to be comfortable in the water, whilst avoiding accidents.

Finding Dory Soaker Nemo and Hank

Designed to float in water, these cute Soaker toys are from the hit Disney Pixar animation, Finding Dory.

Soft and squidgy, these soakers can be retrieved, cuddled and squeezed for fun the pool.


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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith