A wonderful way to lessen the stress of long car journeys and overnight trips, and a superb furry friend to introduce to your child, the Bobo Buddies Backpacks have had a wild week recently. No more than a few days after the full range was introduced to the Daisy Baby shop, the four brave little beasts above made their way onto BBC's Dragons' Den!

Before we get into how well they did on the show, let us give a formal introduction to any of you not familiar with this pack of pals.

As an idea, the BoBo Buddies were originally conceived by their founder, James Roupell, in 2012. On a flight with several babies & children on board, the mess of blankets, soft toys and pillows reminded him of his childhood animal friend Bobo, who had a blanket sewn into him by a very resourceful and clever grandmother. Before long, this toy idea evolved into a 4-in-1 baby and toddler's product: a backpack with a soft pillow belly, included cosy-fleece blanket and big smile guaranteed to make them the best buddy of any little one.

There's four ferocious choices of the baby backpack with blanket: Roary the Lion, Mungo the Monkey, Raffy the Giraffe and Lulla the elephant. All are appropriate travel partners for kids aged 1+, they're machine washable at 30°C, and they have a fully functional zippered compartment for storing small toys, books etc. The elastic straps can also be placed around a headrest of a car, so your child can sleep in a position that isn't uncomfortable for their neck.

Since they're unveiling the BoBo Buddies have gotten into all sorts of mischief in retailers across the UK. It didn't take long for a new pack of farmyard friends to join in: Lupo the Puppy, HipHop the Bunny, Dusty the Cow and Curly the Pig. As well having the same capacity for storing important travel items, these toddler backpacks act as harnesses with adjustable, comfortable reins. If your young explorer is always a little reluctant to be kept at a safe distance when you're on a day out, then quartet of carriers may be just the thing.

So, how did James and the animals do on the Den against the Dragons? As the final pitch of this season, it was almost guaranteed that the Bobo Buddies would cause a big fuss and generate a lot of interest from the four investors - Peter Jones even got quite cuddly with Mungo the Monkey! No one could've predicted though that not only would all five Dragons make offers, but that, once the show ended, James would reject the one he'd chosen!

Though he had decided to eventually accept a joint amount from Peter and Deborah Meaden, once he'd left the studio he chose to retain all the equity and go on with help from his mentors in the retail industry. A year later and he's doing fantastically, having sold over 20,000 products in UK stores, no doubt making just as many children and babies happy too.

The Bobo Buddies Backpacks are a wonderful and innovative travel accessory for just about any occasion. Whether it's a first flight, long-drive, holiday or even a sleep over, they're the ideal companion to carry along. For naps at nursery or right at home, we definitely recommend them and hope you, your child and a Bobo Buddy have all sorts of wonderful adventures!

If you could see your favourite animal turned into a Bobo Buddy, which would it be, and what would you call them? Let us know in the comments, or at our Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ page.

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Graham Ashton