For many parents, making the jump to babywearing for the first time can be a little intimidating. A lot of these worries stem from uncertainties about how secure slings are, as well as other issues like having your baby so close to you or getting used to carrying their weight.

That’s why baby carriers make such a good first step if you’ve made the decision to babywear.  These baby carriers are a lot more structured and so feel a lot more secure to a first time user. They are also a bit easier for new babywearers to put on and take off.

Currently, we have two styles of baby carriers with the first being the Premaxx carrier. Suitable from birth right up to 18 months, it’s available in a wide range of styles and features plenty of useful zipped pockets. The Premaxx carrier is designed to be worn in one of two positions; a cradle position for younger babies then a sitting position for once they get a bit older. This baby carrier is actually very close to a ‘typical’ baby sling, making it ideal for parents who are a little more confident or are perhaps happy with the carrying and just want to get used to the sling positions.

The other baby carrier available is the 3-way Carrier from Hauck. This model gives you complete security when carrying your baby, allowing you to get used to having your baby at chest height as well as the weight of carrying them. It can be worn in either a front or back carry and is available in three shades. The 3-way carrier fits almost like a backpack and features plenty of padding and structure.  It is also suitable for babies which weigh between 3.5 – 12kg, which is around 18 months.

If you are considering babywearing for the first time, whether it’s with a your new arrival or a little one already at home, you could always try visiting a sling library. These allow you to rent different types of baby carriers and slings so that you can find the perfect one for you. They will also give you plenty of hints and tips to get you started. Simply Google “sling library” and your local area to track one down.

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Post By Marc