Deciding what to get your Baby for Christmas can be a struggle, especially with oodles of family members constantly treating your little one throughout the year. But with the vision of your little one tearing open their Christmas stocking being one that most parents crave, making sure each gift is perfect is often crucial. image (14)


Image shows: Bizzi Growin Babys 1st Christmas Stocking and Reindeer Rattle

Here at Daisy Baby we have created a list of 7 great Christmas baby stocking fillers that will delight your little one on Christmas morning. So no matter what your Baby's age, follow our great guide for a gift that they will love.

1). Baby Bandana Bibs


Image Shows: Dribble Ons Bandana Bibs

A necessary item that most parents seem to never have enough of, our range of bandana bibs not only looks wonderful, but are also comfortable for your baby. Extra absorbent and stylish, we offer a fantastic range of designs suitable for boys and girls. Choose your favourite from our collection.

2). Muslin Cloths

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Yet another necessity every baby stocking filler list should include is some muslin cloths. With a delicate texture that softens the more times it is washed, these are ideal to use throughout the year.

3). Hooded Baby Towels

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Image shows: Clevamama Extra Large Hooded Baby Towel and Apron Wrap - Cream

Bath time is so much fun for your baby, but as the weather starts to get colder it is vital that they remain warm and dry before getting changed. Including a Hooded Baby Towel in your baby stocking filler list is sure to be a winner with great designs available.

4). Teddy Bears and Soft Toys

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Image shows: Sleepytot Large Grey Bunny - Comforter Toy


A cuddly and soft delight that your baby will cherish forever, these Teddy Bears and Soft Toys are great for keeping your little one stimulated and comforted. Including soft toys that play music and even light up, you are sure to find the perfect gift that your baby will adore.

5). Baby Sleepsuits


Image Shows: Palm and Pond Gift Set - Animal Grey

Featuring great adorable designs that allow your little one to crawl around and play whilst remaining warm during the winter months, our range of baby sleepsuits take pride of place in any baby Christmas stocking. Choose yours now from our selection.

6). Sock Ons

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Image shows: Baby Sock Ons Baby Guard for Socks - Blue 0-6 Months

Do you often find spare baby socks around your house? This fabulous collection of Sock Ons simply slide over your Baby's socks to help keep them in place as they crawl around and tug on their toes. The perfect Baby Stocking Filler.

7). Mobiles and Night Lights

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During dark evenings, Mobiles and Night Lights can help relax your little one and let them drift off into a peaceful sleep. Choose from our range of designs.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith