Mei Tai Front Carry

This is perhaps the easiest way to tie your Mei Tai Sling and increases the development of the bond between you and your baby, as discussed in previous posts. If you’re new to using Mei Tai slings, try practising these ties before trying them out, and then secure your baby whilst sat down for added comfort and security.
Begin by holding the empty sling upside down with the pattern facing towards your body and tie the straps that sit on your hips securely around your waist. Holding your baby close to your body, make sure that the baby’s legs are wrapped around your waist above the waist straps, not below. Holding on to your baby with one hand, bring the two shoulder straps up over your shoulders and grip them behind your back. Once you have the shoulder straps held securely behind your back, you can then free up your other hand – your baby will be perfectly secure as long as you keep hold of the two straps.
Cross the two straps over behind you and bring them back round to your front, tying the straps securely underneath your baby’s bottom or across the baby’s lower back – whatever you feel more comfortable with.


Mei Tai Back Carry

Using your Mei Tai Sling to tie your baby to your back is an extremely useful tie to learn: it gives you much more freedom to continue with daily chores, hobbies, shopping and more - all whilst knowing your baby is safe and secure.
The easiest way to get to grips with this tie is to position your Mei Tai Sling, pattern down, against the back of a sofa or chair – this time you want the sling to be the correct way up. Place your baby on the laid out sling and sit down on the sofa or chair as close to the baby as you can. Tie the waist straps securely around your waist before bringing the two shoulder straps slowly up over your shoulders; this will lift your baby up, resting against your back.
In the same way as the front carrying technique, you can cross the shoulder straps over your front and bring them around your back. If they are long enough, you can double them back round and tie and the front – whatever you feel comfortable with. If crossing the straps over the front of your chest is uncomfortable, you can draw them vertically over your shoulders as you would a rucksack, and tie behind your back underneath your baby, or bring back around and tie at the front.

For all you Mei Tai Pros out there, there are more advanced techniques for tying your baby sling which we will feature in a future post.  We'd love to see your pictures of you and your baby proudly modelling your Mei Tai Slings - show off your skills and submit your comments and photos to our Facebook page.

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