A lot of baby seats and carriers can be known to be hard and uncomfortable for many babies, often causing a condition known as flat head syndrome. This occurs when a baby’s head is supported poorly by a non-ergonomic surface, that puts pressure in one spot rather than displacing the weight. Some baby seats, often force your baby to sit in a position that isn’t natural to them, preventing them from resting properly which is a key part in the developmental process. Harder baby chairs and seats can cause colic-like symptoms including irritability and acid reflux from simply being in the wrong position. However, there are other seating alternatives which can prevent these issues and help your baby relax and get their much needed rest.

GaGa Navy Cuddlesoft Pre-Filled Baby Bean Bag with Adjustable Safety Harness

Baby Bean Bags are a form of seating, that allows your baby to rest comfortably. Providing total support all over the body, the beans within the bean bag cleverly displaces your baby’s weight evenly, taking the pressure off points on the body such as the head, which can lead to flat head syndrome. The bean bag also allows the muscles to relax as the seat adjusts to your baby’s natural resting position on their back, and moulds to the spine, limbs and head. With an integrated harness, the baby bean bag gives parent’s peace of mind as your baby rests, preventing the danger of them wriggling off the bean bag and onto the floor. The luxury Cuddlesoft seat also means that the bean bag is pleasing to the touch, providing a level of comfort and reassurance that your baby looks for before laying down to sleep.

Making everyday use much easier, the bean bag adapts to family life effortlessly. The seat cover is completely removable and machine washable, with a waterproof barrier for accidents. Suitable for babies up to approx 6 months or 8kg, the bean bag can even be used as a comfortable seat for toddlers, so can take pride of place in the family home for years to come. Thanks to its size, the bean bag is perfect for travelling and for use all around the home. A great way to allow your baby to enjoy daytime naps instead of placing them in their cot or moses basket, you can keep an eye on your baby in whatever room you are in.

Gaga Cuddlesoft Iconic Campervan Baby Bean Bag

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, you can even customise your bean bag, making it the perfect baby shower present.

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