Your due date is just a couple of weeks away and if you are an organised mum to be, you will have already written your maternity hospital bag check list and even packed. You have your nightshirt, baby clothes, socks and pretty much everything you need right? Well here at Daisy Baby we have created a list of 5 items that you are guaranteed to have forgotten to include on your maternity hospital bag check list, but will make your labour a better experience. So take a moment to just pop these few things in your bag for a worry free labour.


Mobile Phone Charger

None of us ever know how long labour is going to be, so don't forget your phone charger. As well as helping to pass the time with endless amusing games such as Angry Birds, your phone is your only contact to the outside world. Keeping family and friends up to date on a fully charged phone will help reduce any stress.

Body Lotion

We all know that labour is going to be a painful process but having a good scented body lotion can help to ease you through it. Get your birth partner to rub a little on their hands as they rub your back during a contraction. Having familiar scent that you enjoy can help calm you down making the process a little easier.


Sometimes the pillows that they provide at the hospital just aren't enough. Having a breastfeeding pillow or your own soft pillow can do wonders for your posture helping to ease any discomfort.

Eye Mask

Sleeping in a busy hospital with bright lights can be next to impossible, and you need your rest after a hard labour. Include an eye mask in your maternity hospital bag check-list to help you drift off to sleep easily.

Something To Keep You Occupied

Whether it's a good book, a magazine, music or your iPad remember to include something that will help keep you occupied during the early stages of labour. Boredom only makes the situation worse and can effect your mood drastically.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith