Finding out that you are expecting twins can come with a multitude of different feelings, from instantaneous delight, to the sudden sense of being overwhelmed at the prospect of two babies. There is no avoiding that having twins is challenging. Not only are you having to figure out how to divide your attention on a daily basis, but there is the added worry of your day to day costs, including childcare, being double. However scary the idea of twins may be, it is important to remember how much joy two children will bring to your life as you watch them grow and play together. All that it takes is some adjusting, and here at Daisy Baby we are here to help you get prepared for double the love and double the joy.

Getting Organised

Even if you aren’t necessarily the most organised person in the world, you will soon find out that twins will change all of that. From the moment that you find out you are expecting twins, you will discover that being organised is key to keeping everything flowing smoothly throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Firstly it is important to discuss with your GP or your midwife exactly what to expect though out your pregnancy, such as scheduled scans, appointments, symptoms to look out for etc. This will help not only put you at ease, but also make you more aware of the differences from carrying multiples to carrying just one baby. These can involve more scans towards the end of your pregnancy, premature contractions, early birth and other points. It is also wise to keep notes on your progress and any questions you want to ask your midwife or doctor so you don’t forget between visits. Your doctor or midwife can also prepare you for the birthing process and any complications that can arise from expecting multiples.

When Your Twins Arrive

The first thing that is typically a given when bringing your twins home is that you will be unbelievably tired. You may find that the early days seem to be a never ending cycle of soothing, feeding and changing the babies, which is why it is important to ensure that you are prepared with all of the essentials before the twins come home. Having brilliant items that can help you at home are also vital as they ensure that you don’t become over tried and have time to look after yourself.If you decide to breastfeed, there are some brilliant breastfeeding pillows that can allow you to feed both twins at the same time, or feed one whilst entertaining the other. Take a look at the Cuddles Collection Twin Nursing & Support Pillow below.

Image; Cuddles Collection Twin Nursing & Support Pillow

It is also a great idea to ensure that you get out and about with your twins. The fresh air and engaging with others is vital to their development and also helps you develop your own strategy too.

Help and Support

Remember there are always great support networks for parents of multiples from forums to community meet ups. Take a look on line and start building an online community with parents who understand exactly what it is like to be a parent of twins.

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Lauren Smith