If you are expecting a baby, there’s no doubt you’ll be trawling the internet looking for the best baby products money can buy. There are so many trends and a lot of conflicting information and advice about everything.

Here at Daisy Baby, we absolutely love our baby bean bags. Many people may not have heard of them or may be trying to choose between a bean bag and a baby sleeping pod or even something else but personally we would choose a bean bag! They provide many great benefits and can be especially helpful if your little one suffers from reflux.

What Is A Baby Bean Bag?

Baby bean bags are a type of seating, specially designed to provide excellent comfort as your baby rests. They provide full body support as the beans inside evenly distribute your baby’s body weight, eliminating pressure points such as baby's very delicate head. The weight distribution also allows your baby’s muscles to relax, whilst in their natural resting position meaning their spine and limbs are fully supported. Our Bean Bags have been designed with a slight incline and feature an integrated harness for additional safety, which prevents the danger of your baby wriggling off onto the floor.

Baby Pod vs Baby Bean Bag

Baby Pods are basically a cushioned nest with raised sides and they provide a soft sleeping surface. These sleeping pods tend to have an entirely flat sleeping surface; they do not alleviate flat head syndrome and can aggravate reflux. It is worth noting that unlike mattresses, there is no British Standard for sleeping pods.

Bean Bags, although do not provide a solid, flat surface, when filled efficiently (and this is really important) they are firm enough to support the baby without the risk of sinking and the risk of suffocation is therefore eliminated.

The Benefits Of A Bean Bag

Full Support and Comfort
A baby bean bag provides full body support to your baby. Filled with fire retardant foam beans that have been securely sealed inside an inner lining, a bean bag provides a full cushioning effect once your baby has been placed onto it. The beans adjust to the shape and weight of your baby which provides optimal comfort and in turn, helps baby to sleep better. Sleep is so important for babies as it helps them to build their immune systems as well as develop physically and mentally.

Prevent Flat Head Syndrome
Baby’s skulls are actually very malleable, they have to be in order to be birthed. Flat head syndrome is often caused when a baby sleeps flat on their back or with their head turned to one side, causing a flat spot. A bean bag can help to prevent this because the soft beans inside, mould to the shape of your baby’s head which prevents any pressure from being placed on the skull.

Alleviate Reflux
Bean bags are designed with a slight incline, meaning baby won’t be laying flat on their back. This can really help with those who are suffering from reflux and even colic. The inclined position helps to alleviate the discomfort associated with these conditions and lessens the chances of them bringing milk back up directly after a feed.

Highly Portable
Bean bags are really lightweight, making them easy to carry around from room to room or even to the grandparents house. This means that your baby can have a familiar sleeping place no matter where you are.

User Friendly
Lightweight, portable and machine washable! The luxuriously comfortable ‘cuddlesoft’ material is backed by a waterproof barrier to protect the inner liner and beans inside from any little accidents. The outer liner can be unzipped and washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. The base of the bean bag also includes an anti-slip and moisture resistant finish to prevent movement.

Gaga Luxury Cuddlesoft Racing Car Baby Bean Bag - Various Colours Available

Luxury Cuddlesoft Princess and the Pea - pre-filled Baby Bean Bag

Luxury Cuddle Soft Little Fox Baby Bean Bag

Our range of Baby Bean Bags are available in a choice of colours and designs and can even be personalised with your tot’s name. They can provide a comfortable, safe and hands free resting place for your baby, allowing you to get on with household tasks or even just take a break yourself.

Please note that our bean bags meet all safety requirements, are suitable for short, supervised naps during the day but are not designed for sleeping in for long periods.



Post By Kelly Trethewey