What are Fine Motor Skills?
Fine motor skills are developed when children learn to use the small muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists. It is a highly important skill to develop because they help your child to be able to hold a pencil for drawing and writing, hold onto small objects, turn pages in a book, button up clothing and hold a knife and fork to eat. Mastering these fine motor skills calls for accuracy and coordination and they usually develop after gross master skills such as walking, jumping and learning to kick a ball.

The best way to develop these skills is to keep practising and the most fun way to do this is through play. Introducing toys, activities and games that involve hand-eye coordination, pincer grasp and dexterity.

Here is a selection of toys designed to further your little one’s fine motor skills:

Fun Time Teach Time Triangle Multi Activity Development Toy

Suitable from 9 months and up, this brightly coloured, multi-functional activity toy will keep your little one busy for hours. You won’t even realise they are improving their hand-eye coordination.

Fun Time Push Along Shape Sorter Bus

This colourful, sturdy Shape Sorter Bus is a great choice for young toddlers. It’s both fun and educational. Sorting the chunky, brightly coloured shapes and pushing them through the holes in the top and sides of the bus helps to strengthen the hand and finger muscles as well as introduces your child to shapes and colours.

Jumini Farm Building Blocks

A fun building block set that is great for getting your little ones imagination going, fantastic for hand-eye coordination and improving those pincer grasp and fine motor skills.

Jumini Pull Along Bead Maze Car Development Toy

A lovely bright green pull along will keep little people entertained for hours. Not only is it a pull along toy but a bead maze as well. Although it may seem a simple idea, it actually teaches a lot of important skills. Your toddler is learning hand-eye coordination, fine motor development as well as cause and effect by being able to hold the bead and manoeuvre it along the wire to see where it ends up. This toy is suitable for ages 18 months and up.

Learning Easel

Great for preschoolers, this Easel features both a blackboard and a whiteboard. The blackboard and chalk are great for mark making and drawing and the magnetic whiteboard can be used with the 84 magnetic letters, numbers and symbols. These are both fantastic for increasing the strength of the muscles in the hands and fingers.

It's important to make sure that your little one has a variety of toys to see them through the different stages of child development so they can develop crucial skills along the way. Take a look at the full range of toys available here.


Post By Kelly Trethewey