So you have mastered the sleeping patterns and the weaning stage and just when you think you have a handle on everything, you have a toddler who is showing signs of toilet training readiness. Don’t panic! It really isn’t as bad as it first sounds. It can be an exciting stage and it’s a great milestone to conquer. Just think that in a few weeks time you will be able to leave the house without bundles of nappies and other supplies. Follow our top tips and browse our recommended potty training essentials and together you can make the transition from nappy to potty (or toilet) simple.

Get Ready

Being prepared is the most important thing to start with. All little ones are different, some may prefer a potty whilst others may be happy to go straight to the toilet. Either way you will need to make sure you have the right equipment for them to take the first steps happily and comfortably. It is often suggested to have nappy free time and leave a potty in the same room for a while before your toddler will start using it so that they can get used to it and figure out what it is for.

Make Potty Training Fun

Whilst it can be a little frustrating, especially if there are lots of accidents, you should try to make potty training as fun as possible.  Remain calm and patient and try to encourage them to use the potty the next time they need to go.  You could read a book or sing a song to encourage them to try a little longer.  Offering rewards is usually a great way to get them into the swing of things.  If your toddler uses the potty successfully then you could give them a sticker or maybe a small treat each time.

Potties are available in many fun and brightly coloured designs, so you could let your little one choose their favourite to use at home.

What To Wear

It’s probably a good idea to dress your child in clothes that are simple, elasticated and easy for them to pull up and down by themself so that it isn’t a struggle when they need to use the potty. The spring and summer months are always a good time to start potty training because lighter clothing is needed and the sunny days means washing can be processed quickly.

You may like to consider pull ups as these offer a bridge between nappies and pants. They can be pulled up and down independently and may help to catch any little accidents, which can be especially useful when out and about.

Junior Joy Toilet Trainer Pants - Child

Small Steps

It’s always best to tackle potty training one day at a time.  Let your child lead, they will find their own way through and it’s best not to push them because this could result in resilience.  Toddlers will often be happy to use the potty or the toilet for a wee, but number twos can be a little daunting and may take a little longer to master.

Being dry at night is also something that you shouldn't rush.  This usually happens naturally after a few weeks of successful potty training and you will know because your little one’s nappy will be dry in the morning when they wake up. 

We hope that you have found these top tips for potty training your toddler useful and we wish you the best of luck with this next milestone in your child’s development. You can browse our full range of potty training essentials here.

Post By Kelly