With temperatures this week set to surpass the 38.5C record in the east of England, many are looking for ways to beat the heat. As adults, we can make sure that we adjust our working conditions, drink enough fluids and stay out of the direct sun. However babies have a much harder time communicating to us their needs. Alongside their much more sensitive skin and smaller frames, babies are extremely vulnerable to increases in temperature which can lead to issues such as overheating, sun burn and in extreme cases even SIDS. 

So with Public Health England maintaining a level three heat health watch for eastern areas of England according to BBC News, here at Daisy Baby we thought we would put together a list of 3 simple tips to help keep your baby cool during this 2019 summer heatwave.

Stay out of the sun

Babies skin is much thinner and delicate then adults and therefore is prone to burn easily. Along with being painful and uncomfortable, this can lead to some major health complications that could have a lasting effect on your baby. To help prevent sunburn, make sure your baby is using a high factor sun lotion designed for their age and keep them out of direct sunlight. They should be placed under a breathable UV resistant shade if outside or in a pushchair or buggy.

Keep their room cool

Babies don’t need a hot room to sleep in. The room should be at a comfortable 18c and if your baby is sweating, remove some of their bedding. On very warm days they may not need any bedclothes other than a sheet. Dress the bed in light layers so you can adjust accordingly and make sure that their heads can’t be covered by bedding. You can also keep rooms cooler during the day if you have light coloured blinds by closing them. If you have darker or heavy curtains however this can make the room hotter.

Keep baby hydrated

Like adults, babies can become easily dehydrated during a heatwave. Breastfed babies may want to feed more than usual, but they don’t need water as well as breastmilk.

Products that can help

We have a range of handy products that can help keep your baby cool this summer. Take a look at just a few of our top products below;

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What are your tips for keeping baby cool this summer? Share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

From all of us at Daisy Baby we hope you and your baby have a safe and happy summertime!





Post By Kimberly Roderick