If you are expecting a new arrival or already have a young baby, then you have probably already heard of tummy time. If you are unsure exactly what it is, why it is important or why you should introduce tummy time to your baby, then you are in good hands. Keep reading this blog to find out everything you need to know.

What Is Tummy Time?

It’s as simple as it sounds. Tummy time is allowing your baby to lay on their tummy during awake periods to allow them to play and interact. It is really important that you do not leave your baby alone whilst laying on their tummy. They must always be supervised and you shouldn’t let your little one fall asleep on their front because it puts them at increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Why Is Tummy Time Important?

Tummy time offers many benefits to developing little ones.  When laying on their tummy, the muscles in your baby’s neck become strengthened as they start to turn their heads and look around at their surroundings from a different angle.  

It’s great for developing gross motor skills and leads to the development of other important milestones such as being able to roll over, crawl and sit unaided.  Tummy time also helps to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome which can happen if your baby lays flat on their back too much.    

Another wonderful benefit of tummy time is that it enables parents to have plenty of bonding time with their baby.  This one to one time allows you both to focus on each other and a great way to encourage this is to lay on your back with your little one on your chest.  This gives them the opportunity to lift their head to see you and it’s great for cuddles too.

How Early Can I Introduce Tummy Time?

There’s no time like the present, you can start tummy time right from the very early days of your baby’s life so long as you experienced a straightforward birth and there were no complications for your baby.  It’s also a good idea to make sure that both you and baby are alert and well-rested so that you both have the energy to carry out tummy time.  

How To Do Tummy Time

Here are a few tips to help you introduce tummy time with your baby:

  • Make sure your baby is fully alert and wide awake.  Avoid tummy time if your little one needs a nappy change or is due (or just had) a feed or a nap.  
  • Only give tummy time if you are free from other distractions.  You will need to be fully focused on your baby in order to give tummy time safely. 
  • Place a clean blanket or towel on the floor for your baby to lay on.  Or you could use a baby playmat.  
  • Arrange some toys around your baby for them to look at and explore.  Placing toys a little further out of reach encourages them to move and attempt to reach for them.
  • Limit tummy time to just a few minutes to start with.  As your little one gets used to being on their front, you can increase the time if they are happy. 
  • Give tummy time more than once a day, this will help your baby get more used to it quickly.
  • Babies can tire quickly during tummy time, so look for tiredness ques and never let them fall asleep laying on their tummy.
  • Keep talking to your baby as this encourages them to look around

What If My Baby Hates Tummy Time?

If your little one shows signs that they don’t enjoy tummy time, then there are a couple of things you could try to get them used to it. Laying baby on your chest as you lay flat on the floor may help if they don’t like the feeling of laying on the floor.

Introducing tummy time slowly will help them to adjust to being in this new position. Just a few minutes a few times a day will help with this transition. Provide plenty of interesting toys and sounds for them to interact with. As your baby grows, they will become more accustomed to being on their tummy and will enjoy using their newly learned skills and strength.

Though it may seem a little unsettling to start with, it is really important to introduce tummy time into your daily routine as it is crucial for your little one’s development. If you are looking for some products to help you with tummy time then check out our fantastic range of tummy time products here.



Post By Kelly