Three questions are always most prevalent whenever a celebrity pregnancy is announced: who are the parents, is it a boy or girl, and what's the child's name? The first is just us evaluating the pairing, the second is a customary and applies to any newborn, but the last is its own source of fascination. The strangest celebrity baby names make for the best party talk, with hours spent solving the riddles behind each moniker, or debating whether it's a good fit.

We'd like to stress that the following are not a list 'wrong' baby names, as some often like to label them. As we outlined in our guide to naming your child, unless what you call your baby is considered offensive or a just a product of a fad, as long as its a real weighted decision for the parents only, then its the right decision. These names merely stand out amongst the norm, and whether or not a person or couple granted extraordinary attention calls their child something extraordinary in reflection of or to increase said attention, that doesn't bother us either. Let us proceed:


Tu Morrow

Daughter of: Rob MorrowNot an easy way to start a list, and certainly not an easy decision for any child; pun-names can be an effective way of imbuing character into your child's early life, or make them an easy target for name calling. TV actor and director Rob Morrow took full advantage of his last name when naming his daughter, with a full title that sounds like a line from Annie!, and a first name that's distinguished in its own right.


Pilot Inspektor

Son of: Jason LeeStar of My Name is Earl plus plenty of great movies, and a former professional skateboarder, Jason Lee is the quintessential funny man in movie-dom. Whilst his son with actress Beth Riesgraf has a name that's perhaps at first bizarre and groan-worthy, if you've seen one performance from Lee you'll imminently snap your fingers and go "Oh, but of course!". The name itself is inspired by 'He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot', a single from 2000 by American indie rock band Grandaddy.


Princess Tiaamii

Daughter of: Katie Price a.k.a Jordan
The third child of the infamous TV reality star, entrepreneur and media personality has a name that we perhaps always imagined Katie would choose, but never though it could actually happen. It's one of those titles where the two halves could perhaps be considered mildly unusual on their own, but together make for outstanding headline fodder.



Son of: David Duchovny and Tea Leoni
Not the most outlandish name for child by any stretch, the reason we find this one so strange is it's not that actually that common. The X-Files star and his former wife decided on such a self-explanatory name that's only been used less than 1600 in the U.S alone. We don't think it's that off-putting a name, so why? We'd love to find out, and hopefully, the truth is out there...


Blue Angel

Son of: David Howell Evans a.k.a The Edge
We're pretty sure the name of the U2 guitarist's third child isn't any kind political statement, but regardless it certainly sticks out. Another instance of a two-part name, it makes us interested in find out the statistics on after how many babies do celebrities go for the more outlandish names. You can call that a pointless exercise of too much free time, though we think it has somewhat more weight than what the paparazzi present us.


Moon Unit AND Diva Thin Muffin

Children of: Frank Zappa
Odd as they sound, we'd expect nothing less from one of the most enigmatic figures to have ever existed in music. In the same way that he was able to make his compositions stand out in the spectrum, his children's name's serve as a far better way to preserve one's legacy than just a 'jr.'. After all, once you know who named someone Moon Unit, you're not likely forget it.



Son of: Woody Allen and Mia Farrow
It must have been interesting to imagine the life ahead for the child of two powerhouse names in Hollywood, particularly when it has an intriguing name to start with. We admit we like the ring of 'satchel', even if its real-world meaning is a bit bland. Ronan Farrow legally dropped Satchel from his title, but given that he's now an accomplished journalist, renowned activist and adviser to the Obama administration, it may have been the right move.


Buddy Bear

Son of: Jamie Oliver
Not sure anything really needs to be said about this name. It plays to the playful side of the Naked Chef, but it's hard to make a strong case for how it could catch on with anyone outside of his wide audience. Weirdly this isn't a case of a celebrity going all out on their fourth child: his other children are named Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow. We skipped over those given that the two-word titles are essentially nicknames, whilst Bear can remain wild even without it's proceeding friendliness.


Gaia Romilly

Daughter of: Emma Thompson & Greg Wise
The great Emma Thompson could name her child practically anything and we'd be on board. Her daughter with actor and producer husband Greg Wise has quite the outstanding name, with 'Gaia' toping our list of names we'd like to see rolled out more. In this case, it reflects a child born through IVF, possibly suggesting great meaning behind its decision.


Prince "Blanket" Michael Jakson II

Son of: Michael Jackson
The late great King of Pop gave no shortage of public oddities for tabloid fodder, so his third child's name perhaps didn't raise as much of an eyebrow as it could have. Prince is a fairly standard name to see thrown about, though mixing it with an oddly specific nickname and turning the whole thing into a 'name-after', with the II suffix no less, is quite eclectic.


Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha

Son of: Lisa Bonet & Jason MomoaOur last, and if we say so, favourite of the strangest celebrity baby names. The son of High Fidelity star Bonet and Momoa, who played the brooding Kahl Drogo in Game of Thrones, has a name that's not only lengthy, but lively with each section. Each part has its origin in the Hawaiian language, and whilst we can only imagine how hard it is to spell, we would happily take inspiration from every syllable.

What's the strangest celebrity baby name you've yet come across? What is your opinion on the famous' knack for ignoring the baby-name book? Let us know in the comments, or you can tell us through our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

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