With temperatures soaring over the next few days and a mini heatwave to taking hold over the UK. We’ve devised a handy guide of tips and tricks to help you make sure your child is comfortable and reduce irritability in the humid weather.


Both babies and young children will crave additional fluids in the heat. Babies will require more breast milk (if bottle fed, alongside the baby’s daily diet a boiled and cooled bottle of water is essential in warmer weather), a slightly less conventional way to keep your baby both cool and hydrated would be to freeze breast milk and feed him or her in this way. For older babies and children fruit juice ice lollies, and very diluted fruit juice with ice can make a welcome change to water.



Temperature Regulation

It is important, especially for young babies to keep cool during the day and particularly at night. During the day playing in the paddling pool, encouraging water play or having a cool bath can be useful methods of keeping your child cool.

͒At night it is key to keep your baby calm and prevent irritability, as this can sometimes worsen their high temperature, a cool cloth dabbed onto a baby’s forehead can be a simple way of achieving this. Other steps to take to ensure a worry free evening are;


  • Prepare - Make sure your baby’s room is the perfect temperature usually between 16-20°C. During the day to regulate the temperature it can be handy to open windows and make sure the curtains or blinds are shut, or instead of opening windows you could put ice cubes in front of an electric fan  to circulate cooler air around the room.
  • Remove Unnecessary Clothing and Bedding - if too warm your baby will only need to wear a nappy to bed, it will also be good for them to have cotton only bedding, so avoid any waterproof mattress covers etc.
  • Regular Checks - it is important to check on your child as usual and plan ahead if the temperature is set to drop, to be sure that they maintain a healthy temperature as the night progresses. Additionally if they get too warm maybe consider moving them to a cooler room to make them more comfortable. Another important check is your child’s temperature, just to be certain that they aren’t too warm.



Sun Exposure

As babies and young children have less melanin in their skin it is essential to keep them well protected against the sun’s harmful rays. Using a high factor sunscreen, making sure your child wears a wide brimmed hat that protects both their head and neck and also keeping in the shade wherever possible will ensure you have a happy, healthy child!




Post By Laura Nugent