Winter can be rough on your baby’s delicate skin. Factors such as the central heating being turned on more frequently, the sudden changes in temperature and the cold biting air of the outdoors can all cause your baby’s skin to become dry and irritated. As babies skin is much thinner and delicate than adults, it is important to ensure that it is cared for differently from the products used on the skin, to what clothes we dress them in. The issue is often not knowing where to start. Take a look at these handy tips below to help keep your little one comfortable and happier during the winter season.

Don’t over-do bath time

An instinct that many parents have when the weather turns colder is to give babies a nice warm bath more frequently. However, too many warm baths can dry out your baby’s delicate skin. Try and reduce bath times to around 5 minutes and only bath your baby every 2-3 days. Using products that are organic and specially designed to help cleanse your baby’s skin without drying it out are also a must this time of year.

Moisturise the skin

After bath time it is key that your baby’s skin is protected with a product that helps lock in moisture. Our Calming Lavender Baby Body Lotion from Earth Friendly Baby is made from 99% natural ingredients to help keep your little one’s skin soft and moisturised. During the winter months, coughs, runny noses and dribbling can cause the skin around the nose, mouth and neck to become sore and blistered. A simple baby barrier cream should help soothe this area. For dribbling, invest in a bib that is absorbent to keep moisture away from the neck like these baby bandanna bibs.

Layer up, but not too much

Ensure your baby is kept warm and snugly by wrapping them up in lots of layers. One thing to keep in mind when wrapping up your little one is to use thin layers so you can easily adapt their clothing to changes in temperature. A great example of this is when going shopping, it may be cold outside, but the shops may be quite warm, so you want to be able to remove layers to help prevent over-heating and an uncomfortable rash. When inside, make sure that hats, gloves and scarves are also removed so that your little one’s skin isn’t suffocated.

Avoid wool

To help protect your baby’s skin during winter, you need to ensure that you don’t use fabrics that may irritate the skin. Materials such as wool can scratch and irritate the skin creating a rash and a very unhappy baby. When washing clothes, it is also a good idea to use a gentle fabric softener that will help break down rough fibres and be soft against the skin. Make sure you use a fabric softener that is suitable for baby’s delicate skin.

Invest in a humidifier

As we mentioned before, central heating can create a dry atmosphere in the home which in turn can dry out the sinuses and the skin quickly. To help inject some moisture back into the air, a humidifier is a great way to create a pleasant environment for your baby. Warm steam fills the room which can also help ease colds and coughs. Take a look at our blog here for more information on humidifiers.

We hope these tips help you to care for your baby’s skin during the winter. Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Contact us on Facebook or Twitter and join our community.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith