While the Bank Holiday weekend is, for many people, a chance to kick back and relax. Of course, if you have a newborn baby, it may not be! In fact, a friend of mine has been tearing her hair out trying to get her little one to settle. To help out, I decided to have a look online for some tips to help her baby sleep and, well, it would be rude not to share them with you all!

Firstly, invest in a baby sling, especially if your baby has trouble sleeping during the day. The gentle, constant movement of you walking around will soothe your baby and will help the drift off. In fact, while baby’s asleep you’ll still have your hands free to get on with chores or any other tasks that need doing, or you could pop them down into their cot.

If you find that that doesn’t work, or that you want to get your baby used to falling asleep in their bed or cot without the use of a sling, there are lots of methods and tips to try. One is to gently stroke their nose in a downward motion as this encourages them to close their eyes. In fact, I find that this helps me sleep even as an adult!

It is often true that newborns need to sleep every two hours, so if they’ve been awake for this long, that would be a good time to settle them. Make sure that everything is quiet and boring, and that they’re not being held by lots of different people. An abundance of stimulation and excitement is only going to keep them awake!

One idea is to swaddle your baby in blankets to keep them warm during their feed, but not overheat them. This will also help when you go to put them to sleep in their cot, as babies don’t like cold sheets. Also, keep one blanket under them, so that they have some of your smell with them. These tips will help if your baby drifts off easily enough when you hold them, but seem to wake up when you go to put them down.

Finally, one extra tip for when you get your baby off to sleep: don’t be quiet! This may sound odd, but it actually helps your baby learn to sleep through disturbances. If you’re constantly turning the TV down and sneaking about when your baby’s asleep, they’ll wake up as soon as they hear anything. But, if they’re used to sleeping through hoovering, music, talking and more, they’ll sleep through anything!

Don’t forget that the Daisy Baby site has a wide range of slings as well as a variety of swaddling wraps and sleepsacks, to help with these tips. I hope that you find them useful, and if you have any of your own, share them with us! Comment below, share them with us on Twitter and we’ll retweet them, or post them on our Facebook wall; let’s help more mums and dads get some peace and quiet!

Post By Marc