Halloween is the perfect excuse for having lots of spooky fun and there are lots of activities for your children to do this Halloween which are creative and exciting for them to enjoy.  Along with the traditional crafts of pumpkin making and face painting, here are some ideas to set the atmosphere for a thrilling Halloween.


Bubble Paint Monsters

All children love to paint and making bubble paint monsters is an ideal Halloween activity for children.  Simply pour some acrylic paint into a bowl and add some washing up liquid. Then mix up the paint until it bubbles.  

You can then either lay a piece of card or stiff paper on top of the bubbles to get a bubble effect on the card or dip in a straw and let the paint drip onto the card or stiff paper.  The bubble monsters come from the bubbles that come from the paint. In order to make the bubble monsters come alive, you then need to add some googly eyes to each bubble of paint and there is no end to what monsters appear before your very eyes.


Mini Pumpkin Prints

Mini pumpkin prints are a great activity to do with your child.  Simply buy some mini pumpkins and cut them in half. Then get a large sheet of paper and put some orange and green paint (or whatever colour you like) onto a paper plate.  Easy for small fingers to hold, the half pumpkin can then be simply dipped into the orange paint and your toddler can enjoy an endless amount of stamping to create a whole host of baby pumpkins on the paper.  You’ll be surprised how good they are!


Goblin Guts

This is so easy to make and will provide your child with hours of fun over Halloween.

Simply cook some spaghetti, mix with some oil to prevent sticking and add some green food colouring to the mix until you get your desired colour and let the mixture dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Next you simply add some Halloween treasures such as plastic spiders, Halloween themed sweets, eyeballs and other scary Halloween themed accessories.  This provides lots of entertainment for little ones and the pasta will keep fresh for up to 7 days in a sealed food bag in the fridge which means you can get it out again and again.  Children will love poking their fingers into the Goblin Guts and seeing what they can find.


Toilet Paper Mummies

This classic Halloween activity is great for older children and younger ones who don’t mind being covered in toilet roll.

Just get one roll of white toilet paper and wrap up your children from head to toe in the paper, making sure you leave their mouths and noses free.  Then sit back and watch them walk around and pretend to be mummies - great for a Halloween party and is sure to provide lots of fun and laughter for everyone.

So why not try some of these quick and easy Halloween activities and watch the children having great fun in the spooky season.  There is no end to number of crafts you can do with your child and adults can have great fun too.







Post By Kimberly Roderick