Baby comforters are usually a small cuddly toy or soft blanket, also known as a security blanket, designed to bring comfort to your little one. There are a great variety of different designs and holding functions available and you can browse our fantastic range at Daisy Baby Shop here.

What are they for?

It can be difficult for babies to learn to self settle at bedtime and naptime. Baby comforters are designed to help them do just this. Our range are all produced from extremely soft material offering lots of comfort. Some of them have special features which include the ability to absorb scent, relieve teething and replicate the soothing sounds of the womb just like the Prince Lionheart Original Slumber Bear. Many of our products are machine washable and are fabulous to use for nights away from home.

Are they safe?

Our carefully selected range of baby comforters are perfectly safe for your baby to sleep with. When choosing a comforter for your baby it is best to ensure that it is made from light and breathable fabric. This allows your baby to be able to breathe through it easily if they would like to hold it across or over their face whilst sleeping. Organic materials such as cotton and bamboo are both natural and non-toxic and are kinder to delicate, new skin. They are also safer and will easily absorb the mother’s scent. The Cuskiboo 100% Bamboo Baby Comforter is 100% natural, ultra soft and absorbent.

What age can my baby have a comforter?

Some of our products can be used from newborn right the way through the first few years. If you choose to offer one from the very early days it is important to ensure that it is produced from breathable fabric. We would highly recommend the Cuski Original Baby Comforter, as used within the NHS.

At around 6 to 7 months of age, babies transcend through an important cognitive milestone whereby they recognise that they are no longer attached to their mother. This is often the start of a new chapter in family life but can also bring about separation anxiety, causing sleep regression and restless nights. If you haven’t introduced a baby comforter already, this would be a brilliant time to do so to ensure that your little person feels safe, secure and has a reminder of your smell, even though you may not be there.

It is important to remember to check for loose stitching or parts and remove and replace if necessary.

When shall I give my baby a comforter?

We would recommend that you give the comforter to your baby as a sleep transition tool during nap times.

Firstly, incorporate the comforter into your normal feeding routine by tucking it down between you and your baby so that your baby gets used to it. They will probably notice it straight away and this is a great way for them to become familiar with it. This will also aid with your scent being absorbed by the comforter. Another good way to do this is to tuck it inside your top during the day or even sleep with it yourself at night. Once you have done this for a time, then you can give it to your baby at night. If he or she is under 12 months it is best for the comforter to be removed from their sleep environment once they are asleep. If your little one is over 12 months old then tuck the comforter in with your baby for naps and night time sleeps. The Shleepy Comforter is so soft and snuggly and perfect to cuddle up with and features teether toes which can soothe a teething baby. Ensure that the comforter is within reach during sleep, where it can be easily touched to help your baby settle themselves back to sleep.

We hope that you find our guide to baby comforters useful and that it will help you to choose a product from the Daisy Baby Shop whether it is for your own baby or a gift for a soon to be mum.

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Post By Kelly Trethewey