From planning Trick or Treating routes to finding the perfect costume that fits your little one's requirements, Halloween can often seem stressful for many parents. But for those throwing a Halloween Party, all of the rushing around may make you forget those key great Halloween Party ideas for kids that will make the evening magical. Luckily, we have created our list of wonderfully easy creative ideas and activities that will make this year even better than the last. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our top five ideas for a spooky yet fun Halloween Party.


Halloween Bingo

A great game that children of all ages can enjoy, this spooky version of classic Bingo will have all children giggling with delight. To make this game, simply create some bingo cards with stickers featuring classic Halloween characters such as a spider, witch etc. Instead of calling out numbers, call out a character that is on their sheet by holding up an image. Children will love picking out the characters and crossing them off before announcing “Bingo”.

Create Fun Treats

What is Halloween without some delicious treats? For a great Halloween party idea for kids, why not add a few fun features to your buffet? Turn marshmallow skewers into ghosts, add teeth to gingerbread men and create a ghoulish jelly using a jelly mould. Any extra touch will delight your child and you can even let them help you make them for an extra bit of fun.

Mystery Box

A classic party game, the Mystery Box lets children guess what is in the box simply through touch. To create this, cut a hole in a shoe box just big enough to fit one hand in and get each child to pass it along, after the box has reached the end, each child states what they think it is and those who guess correctly win a prize. An excellent game that all children will love.

Create Spooky Lanterns

So easy to make that even your child can join in, these spooky lanterns are much safer than pumpkin carving and let your child be as creative as they like. To make these simply collect empty milk cartons and allow your child to decorate them however they like. Once complete, a flameless tea light can be placed in the centre to make the milk bottle glow. Ideal for making before or during the party.

Scavenger Hunt

The perfect way to keep children entertained during any party, this scavenger hunt works just like an Easter egg hunt. Simply place treats all around the party location and let the children go around finding them. To make it even more fun, place clues all around to direct them. A great Halloween party idea for kids.

So this Halloween take some time out from your busy schedule and try these brilliant ideas for a party that is even better than the last.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith