The summer holidays are nearly over, and even though they may have been fun packed with memories that you will cherish forever, it’s time to get back to reality.

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As fun as the summer holidays are no matter what your child’s age, there is no getting away from the fact that it can often disturb your routine. Bedtimes often become later, meals are at different times due to being out and about and your little one may become over excited and worn out. All of these are a completely normal process of the summer holidays, lets face it, it’s a time to spend together, travelling and taking part in fun activities. However, when it comes to getting everything back on track, what is the best way to make this process smoother? We have put together a list of tips from bedtimes routines to meal times, that will help you get your little ones ready for the new school year or back to nursery with as little tears as possible.

1. Start the process early

Getting back into the swing of things isn’t something that can just be started the day before you go back to work, or your little one returns to child care. Your child needs an adjustment period where you can iron out any resistance to bedtimes, and make the routine seem normal by the time the big day comes.

2. Return To Your Bedtime Routine

With all of the fun that your little ones have been having this summer holiday, you can expect that the usual bedtime may have been changed to later and nap times may have been scattered. Start your bedtime routine by moving it earlier an earlier each night until you are back to your little one’s ideal bedtime. Start with turning down any over stimulating sounds such as the TV, music or games. Then proceed with bathtime, story time and bedtime. By keeping the environment calm and moving their bedtime slowly, this will help prevent your little ones from waking up too early and will slowly help them get into a routine. If you are worried about lighter evenings or light changes interfering with your child’s schedule, then try investing in some black out blinds or a night light.

3. Get Meals Back On Track

As mentioned before, meal times can often be quite scattered during the busy summer holidays, were our little ones often eat on the go. As part of your routine, start getting used to sitting down together at the dinner table at the same time everyday. This will allow you as a family to connect again and make meal times part of the evening routine.

4. Be Prepared To Adjust Your Old Routine

As all parents know our children grow and develop extremely quickly, and within the 6 week break, our children may need changes made to their routine as they develop. Listen to your child’s needs and be prepared if they need more naps or need to eat more regularly as they develop.

5. Get Everything You Need Early

If your little one needs new shoes for nursery or has simply out grown their clothes, reduce the stress by purchasing these before they really need them. This will help you return back to normal without the worry of your little one not having everything they need, which will interfere with their routine.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith