This month signifies the start of summertime! The season where we start to plan all of our outdoor activities with our little ones including swimming, beach days, playing in the park and days out at the zoo. However, along with all of the excitement it is necessary to ensure that you and your baby are fully prepared for everything the summer throws at you. Although we don’t necessarily need to worry about the rain and the cold, we do need to consider the other end of the scale such as over-heating, sun stroke, dehydration and more. To help keep summer days out fun, we have created a list of our baby summer essentials for 2019, designed to keep your little one happy and safe whilst you frolic outside.

The Dooky Universal Pram Shade

A wonderful invention that all of us at Daisy Baby simply love, the Dooky Shade is specially designed to create a temperature controlled environment for your baby while they are in their pram. The fabric on the Dooky Shade blocks out light, sun, wind and noise with UV protection SPF 40+. It attaches easily to any buggy, pram or car seat. Discover more about the Dooky Shade available in a range of colours here. 

Mei Tai Sling

Transporting your baby has never been easier with the mei tai sling. Allowing you to carry your baby whilst leaving your hands free, the mei tai sling is strong, sturdy and comfortable. Ideal for summer walks, the sling can be worn in a range of positions, front, back or side and helps to prevent flat head syndrome. Be sure that your baby is wearing a hat and is protected from the sun when using the mei tai sling in the summer months. Read more about these collection of slings here.

Banz Sunglasses

Protect your baby’s eyes from harsh UV light with a pair of baby Banz sunglasses. Featuring a strap the ties around the head to keep the sunglasses on, the sunglasses are suitable for children aged between 2-5 years with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate. The lenses can also be changed out for prescription lenses.

Baby Banz UV Ray Protection Bandanna

Having your baby keep a hat on can seem like an impossible task. Luckily this baby bandanna may just be the solution. Stylish and comfortable, the bandanna is made from 100% cotton and has a UPF rating of 50+. The elasticated inner strap and tie at the back help to keep in in place. Ideal for playing outside.

Kel Gar Pin-wheel Clip On Fan

A great product that provides that little bit of extra freshness that your baby needs it most, the Kel Gar pin-wheel fan clips onto your baby’s pushchair. Easy to use and battery operated, the fan can be adjusted slightly so that air circulates at the right angle for your little one. 

UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana

A great portable UV tent that can be taken to the beach or the park to help protect your little one from the harsh UV rays. With SPF 50+ sun protection, the tent is so easy to assemble and measures 89cms high x 99cms x 99cms when unfolded. Simply carry in its little carry case and pop up and take down when needed. For more information about the cabana watch the video here.

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Have fun in the sun!

Post By Kimberly Roderick