A brand specifically designed for the “on the go” family, Diono work to solve the worries and hassles faced by parents everyday. Combining safety and convenience, one of the first products that Diono created was designed after a documentary demonstrating the consequences of improperly secured car seats. After this amazing feat, Diono's ideas just kept getting bigger and bigger with the creation of the world's first seat belt tightener winning lots of awards including the “Show Off” Product Innovation Award at the U.S Juvenile Products manufacturer Association in Oct 1999.


After many years of success, Diono decided to take its amazing ideas overseas setting up its first wholesale operation in Staffordshire serving independent retailers in the UK and Europe. 2007 brought Diono's latest invention, the Monterey Booster Seat with hight adjustable features winning the Mother & Baby award in 2008.

Diono is a name that has become well known all around the world. And here at Daisy Baby we are proud to stock such an amazing range of Diono products that are committed to providing quality and convenience to parents everywhere.

Our Products

We stock a wide range of Diono products that are made to the highest quality. From car seats to travel essentials, Diono supplies some of the most popular child accessories that always focus on safety and comfort.


Diono Buggy Buddy

Diono Products





Diono Super Mat Toddler Car Seat & Booster Protector

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