Bumbo is a name that is fast becoming incredibly popular in many households with young children. With an incredible range of products specially designed to help children develop physically and also emotionally, Bumbo is a brand that simply cares.

Bumbo Baby Seat

Image Shows: Bumbo Baby Seat Pod Floor Chair with Safety Strap - Blue

For over 10 years, Bumbo have been creating high quality infant products that aim to help children learn to sit up on their own. Building their confidence to grow into independent thinkers, Bumbo's key products prepare your child for the challenging milestones that they will face. Receiving eight awards for the Bumbo Baby Seat alone, the brand are focused entirely on quality and customer satisfaction from parent and infant. Creating their own non-profit organization, the company also aim to help the underprivileged and special needs children around the world ensuring that each and every child is provided with the opportunity to be successful.

Our Products

Here at Daisy Baby we are proud to be able to offer an amazing brand that truly cares about children and their development. Stocking Bumbo's award winning Baby Seat Pods, this brilliant range supplies children everywhere with joy as they learn to sit up and interact with their environment.

bumbo seat


Image shows: Bumbo Baby Seat Pod Floor Chair with Safety Strap - Aqua


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