When our little ones finally arrive into our lives, it seems that our homes instantly shrink down to the size of a cardboard box. From a huge array of gifts, baby clothes and toys, parents are forever trying to win the war against clutter and finding a place for everything that their child needs. But this doesn't mean that you should start parting with your child's prized possessions. Here at Daisy Baby we have created a list of 8 clever storage ideas that will save space and put an end to the horror of endless baby accessory mountains.


1. Hang A Hook On Your High Chair

There is no getting away from it, a high chair in any room often takes up lots of space. So why not use this to your advantage? Simply attach a hook to the back of the high chair for a place to store your bibs. Suction-cup hooks are easy to get a hold of and can also be easily removed. A clever storage idea which means all of your bibs are to hand at any meal time.

2. Place Baskets on Shelves


It can be hard to keep shelves looking neat with perfectly placed items, so why not place baskets on them. These help to keep everything out of sight and makes it easier for you to quickly grab an item without creating any mess in the process. You will be surprised how much more you can store on your shelves.

3. Use The Sides Of Your Chest Of Drawers For Books

One of the best clever storage ideas that many don't even consider, the sides of your drawers are simply under valued. Attach your own slim-line shelves to the sides and volia! Your child can easily access their books, without the concern for large bookcases taking up the whole room.

4. Make Nappy Changing A Breeze

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You don't have to own a deluxe changing table to make sure all of your nappies stay organised. The simple yet functional nappy caddy safely stores all of your nappies and baby changing essentials and when your done, simply place it back in the corner. No fuss, no expensive room swallowing changing table.

5. Install Two Clothing Rods In The Wardrobe

With your little one's clothes being on the smaller side, why not add in an extra clothing rod for more space. This will help you hang up your baby's clothes with ease.

6. Invest In A Dishwasher Basket

Feel as though you are drowning in bottles and pacifiers? Create more room in your dishwasher by using a handy basket. Simply clipping together, the ingenious design allows your baby's feeding accessories to be kept clean without the risk of them floating around in the dishwasher.

7. Use Dividers In Your Drawers

This is such a simple storage solution and can be applied to all of the drawers in your home. Use an old card board box and cut it up to create dividers in your little one's drawers. You can customise the different sizes of each section depending on what you want to store in there. No more rummaging through endless piles of creased clothes and socks.

8. Invest In A Bath Toy Basket

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So many parents often struggle to stay sane when stepping foot in their bathroom, and are typically met with a wall of bath toys. For a simple and clever storage solution, try storing your child's toys in a simple net bag. This helps keep all of your little one's toys in place and allows them to drain thoroughly preventing any mould from gathering.

So during this month's spring cleaning, make sure you take the time to really re-think your baby's clutter and make room for these clever storage solutions.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith