As parents, we all know the struggle of finding a delicious and nutritious recipe that our toddlers will love. As soon as many toddlers recognise their likes and dislikes they tend to not hold back in letting us know, often creating a little friction at meal times. Luckily here at Daisy Baby we have created a list of our favourite toddler meal ideas from breakfast treats to a comforting dinner, with a few sneaky tips to ensuring that your little one has a balanced diet.


1. Mini Pizzas

Everybody enjoys a pizza, and these mini ones are just about the right size for little fingers to handle, without the added sugars that come with shop brought varieties. To make these easy peasy pizzas, simply cut an English muffin in half and spread with seasoned chopped tomatoes and any other topping that your child loves. Scatter over a handful of grated cheese and place under the grill until they are a golden brown. A fun toddler meal idea perfect for lunch or dinner.

2. French Toast Soldiers with Fresh Fruit

For those lazy Sunday mornings, this delicious recipe simply melts in the mouth. Whisk one egg in a bowl and dunk in a slice of wholemeal bread. Let the egg soak in on both sides for a few minutes and then place in a frying pan with a little butter. Cook until both sides are golden brown. Allow to cool and cut up into soldiers, serve with a selection of fresh fruit and see your little one's eyes light up with joy.

3. Tuna Fish Sandwich

Packed full of protein and essential omega 3 fatty acids, a tuna sandwich is full of nutritional value helping with your child's brain development. To make this easy and tasty morsel more appealing, try this handy trick.
Make your tuna sandwich with a small serving of mayonnaise and a few salad leaves. Press the sandwich down until it is firm and use a cutter in the shape of a fish to create a fun shape. Why not serve with some little fish shaped crackers for a finishing touch that they will cherish.

4. Shepard's Pie With Mashed Cauliflower

A comforting delight perfect for cold winter days, this toddler meal idea is packed full of vegetables.
Create your Shepard's Pie by placing minced lamb, onions, carrots and seasoning in a pan and frying until cooked through. Place the mixture in a ramekin and top with cooked mashed cauliflower. Sprinkle with cheese and place under the grill until the top is golden brown. Serve with a side of veg for little ones to dig in.

5. Squished Tomato Pasta

A bowl full of colour, this easy recipe will soon become a family favourite. It is also a great way to get your little ones to eat part of their five a day, oven without them even knowing.
In a blender place around two large tomatoes (or more for a family meal), chopped pepper, onion, carrots and fresh herbs and whiz together. Place in a pan and gently simmer until it is warmed through and serve with twirls of fusili pasta. For an extra treat, top with a little cheese.

6. Omelette and Vegetables

A brilliant recipe that is so quick and easy, you can even make it on the busiest of evenings. In a frying pan place any vegetables you like, including mushrooms, potatoes, leeks, peppers or whatever you have in the fridge. Whilst they are slowly cooking, whisk up an egg with a splash of milk and seasoning in a bowl. Once your vegetables are cooked, spread them evenly over the bottom of the pan and top with the whisked egg. Slowly move the egg around the pan until it is all covered and cook on a low heat until the underside is golden brown. Place under the grill to finish the top and volia! A brilliant toddler meal in minutes.

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Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith