With the new year now completely in full swing, it's time to start planning all of the years events and that of course always includes a baby shower or two. Whether you are planning your own baby shower or one for a friend, it can be a struggle to even know where to start when trying to make the one that is entertaining, unique and of course will please all of your guests.blue cake with bear

Here at Daisy Baby we have devised a 5 step approach to throwing the perfect baby shower that won't leave you feeling exhausted (especially if you are the new mummy to be).

Step 1 – Decide What Your Theme Is

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Deciding upon your baby shower theme early really sets the wheels in motion for planning the perfect baby shower. Choose neutral and pastel colours and then base your ideas around where the party will be held. If you are celebrating in a restaurant you may be a bit more restricted than if you are celebrating at home. The opportunities are endless here so get as creative as you like and plan your decorations accordingly.

Step 2 – Invitations

blue invite with owlNow that you have set your theme, it's time to set a date. Circle the date in your calendar and carry your theme through to your invitations, to give your guests a little sneak peak to what they can expect at your perfect baby shower. You can either make your own or get them made at the printers. The key here is to hand them to your guests early to ensure that they can make it, and also in plenty of time before the little one is due to arrive. Approximately two months before the due date is a good time to throw a baby shower just in case baby decides to arrive early.

Step 3 – Food & Drink

cupcakesIf you are throwing a party at home, the best and possibly most practical idea is to create a buffet or a selection of finger food. This will allow your guests to still mingle and won't restrict you to any time frame allowing for more time to open presents. Little treats such as cake pops, cupcakes and sandwiches is a great idea as well as lots of soft drinks for other mums to be that have been invited.

Step 4 – Entertainment

cube-568192_1920There are so many baby shower game ideas all around the internet that are so much fun and also encourage lots of giggles. From blind baby food testing to guess the baby's weight, there is a game that will suit whatever theme you have chosen. Do your research now and find something unique that your guests will love.

Step 5 – Gift Bags

bags-535240_1280Giving your guests a little something to remember the day will make the event even more special. Whether this is a small bottle of bubbly each or a simple thank you card, your guests will be thrilled at your appreciation. The perfect end to the perfect baby shower.

And there you have it, 5 simple steps to a stress-free baby shower.Do you have any baby shower ideas that you would like to share? Let us know by messaging us on our Facebook and Google+ pages or tweet us @daisybabyshop.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith