The new year is here and many new parents have already put their new resolutions into action, whether these are going to the gym more often or trying to eat healthy. But what are the top new years resolutions to make that will really benefit your baby in 2015? Here at Daisy Baby we have found 5 top new years resolutions that will make this year the best yet and put a great big smile on your baby's face. So put down your new gym timetable and take a minute to add some essential resolutions to your list.

Eat A Healthy Diet


This is possibly the most popular top new years resolution that is on everyone's list, but it is one that is essential for a new parent. When you have more than one mouth to feed in the house what you eat has an amazing effect on your baby. Eating a balanced diet everyday encourages your baby to try new foods and also grasp an understanding of the right foods that are needed to fuel your body. You can also try new foods together such as fruits and vegetables that are packed full of essential nutrients that will help your baby grow. These are also passed down to your baby if you are currently breastfeeding, so in 2015 don't just eat healthily because you indulged a little too much over Christmas, make a positive lifestyle change.

Try A New Activity


There are hundreds of new activities for babies that not only help them to develop, but are also great for you too. This year try several new activities that you both enjoy to help you and your baby to get some exercise and socialise with other parents. Taking part in joint activities will help you and your baby to bond as you overcome new challenges.

Get Out Of The House Everyday


With a new baby or any young child the days can go by in a flash without either of you stepping out of the house. One of the top new years resolutions for 2015 is trying to get outside everyday to really boost your confidence and give you a more positive outlook. Go for a walk or simply just point out new things in the garden to encourage your child to learn new words. Just a simple activity can make such a difference for your baby.

Try To Get Enough Sleep

This may seem next to impossible for many new parents but once you have your baby in a routine, get some sleep. When you feel rested you have a better positive outlook, allowing you to have more patience with your child. Babies also feed off your energy so if you are calm and ready to go, they will be happier too.

Take Time To Plan

Being a parent can be chaotic. Taking a little time to plan the week can do wonders for you and your little one as it reduces your stress levels and calms the mind. Fill out your calendar and hang it in a place where you will look at it often such as the kitchen, this will prevent any sudden rushing around for appointments making your home feel like a relaxing place to be.

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Happy New Year!

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith