When many first time Mums discover that they are pregnant, the main thing that they immediately start thinking about is the huge shopping list that they need for their baby. But whilst decorating and choosing toys, cots and other baby essentials for your little bundle of joy is completely magical, often Mums tend to forget about what they really need. It is important during pregnancy to ensure that it is stress-free and positive. Here at Daisy Baby we believe that looking after Mum is key in ensuring that you and your baby stay happy and healthy, and this starts with just a few miracle pregnancy products.


1. Stretch Mark Cream

Ensuring that skin stays hydrated during pregnancy not only helps to reduce the appearance of those dreaded stretch marks, but it helps reduce stress. Massaging your tummy in peace and quiet will do wonders for your overall attitude to your pregnancy, whilst tending to that often tight and uncomfortable feeling around the abdomen.

2. Breastfeeding Pillow

Even though you may be at the early stages of your pregnancy, a breastfeeding pillow will soon become your best friend. All through pregnancy women report feeling uncomfortable whilst sleeping and sitting down. This can be due to many factors from your baby's positioning to their restlessness. Snuggling into a breastfeeding pillow at night or simply keeping one behind your back whilst you sit down will soon make a huge difference.

3. Supportive Underwear

Even though supportive underwear may not feel particularly attractive, they are a definite pregnancy must have. Helping to lift your tummy, the underwear also protects against the risk of stretch marks and makes sitting and standing more comfortable. Once you invest, you will never go back.

4. Wrap Sling

We know that your baby isn't here yet, but there is no reason that you can't make good use of your wrap sling during your pregnancy. A new method that is becoming more popular than ever is using a sling to wrap your tummy, this helps you feel more supported and comfortable. Make sure you get advice before doing this, as to not put too much pressure on your bump or tie the wrap too tight.

5. Breast Pads

You may be a million miles away from even thinking about breastfeeding your baby, but that doesn't mean that you won't be caught unaware as your milk starts to develop. Breast pads are a pregnancy must have day or night and help to soothe sore nipples and provide peace of mind no matter where you are.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith