It is daunting enough becoming a new parent without the stress of losing sleep, but does this always have to be the case? The simple answer is no. Of course, a decrease in the amount of your sleep is to be expected, but life for a new parent can be made so much easier with a few our tips.

At Daisy Baby, a wide range of items are available to improve both your sleeping habits and your baby’s. These items range from Swaddlepods, to Clevasleep Positioners to Slumber Bears. All of which are designed to improve your baby’s comfort, relaxation and ensure maximum safety. We are confident that by purchasing one of our fine products and by following our tips below, you and your baby could benefit significantly.

Tips For Getting the Sleep You Need

  • Share the night-time feedings with your partner so you’ll both be guaranteed at least five hours of solid sleep.
  • Some families find that bringing their baby to bed with them is the key to staving off fatigue.
  • Investing in a cradle that can rock like our Bungee Deluxe Baby Rocker Chair will make a vast improvement to your baby’s relaxation.
  • Midnight power-snacking for yourself. This may include peanut butter, milk or yoghurt.
  • Keep the same routine. It is a proven fact that children benefit from routine and stability.
  • Nap during the day-time. Although this is not always practical, any nap time is valuable. It is even better if you can nap while your baby naps.
Sleep is one of those topics that always arises when considering life as a new parent. Once you’ve got your baby to sleep, there’s also the matter of ensuring their safety. You can put your mind at ease by purchasing one of our many baby-proofing and safety products. For example, a Portable Bed Guard Rail or a Baby Bean Bag will ensure your child is secure and relaxed.

Sleep deprivation combined with the constant demands of caring for a baby can test your limits. Not only will it make you irritable, but lack of sleep will also make your child irritable. If you can recognise the signs of sleep deprivation, you will be better equipped to cope with it.

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Post By Ruby Lovell