Who can resist cooing over celebrity kids?! Although we like to follow their parents, the kids are equally as interesting! Rightly or wrongly it seems that fashion and style is a part of everyone’s lives at any age, not just for adults. Although these celebrity children have privileged backgrounds and are easily influenced, they all seem to have a style of their own. Check out the following list which demonstrates that they were born to be fabulous.

10. Kai Rooney

With fashionable parents, mainly his Mum being Coleen Rooney, is it any wonder Kai came tenth in a survey conducted by My1stYears.com.

9. Ethan Minogue

Danni’s unbelievably cute son is at number 9 on our list. His famous Mum has her own fashion label Project D.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo Junior

Little Cristiano is certainly the spitting image of his father and is sure to follow his style. As a world-class player, Cristiano has bags of confidence on the football pitch yet he is also bold in his fashion choices.

7. Ava Klass

Ava is already proving to have her own sense of style, just like her mother Myleene. We love this animal print dress as an adorable choice of outfit.

6. Suri Cruise

It was inevitable that Suri Cruise would be in the top 10 somewhere. She is sure to be one to watch for fashion trends when she is older judging by her wardrobe selection at age 6.

5. Mason Dash Disick

Effortlessly handsome, Mason is the only boy to make it into our list of stylish kids. He is the youngest in the Kardashian family but certainly holds a place of his own in the fashion stakes.

4. Aoife Belle Foden

Aoife is a young trend-setter at two years old, following in the footsteps of her popstar Mum Una from The Saturdays. The trench coat and cute ribbon in her hair display her flair for fashion!

3. Hollie Rose

Amanda Holden’s youngest daughter comes at a close third place on our list. Amanda is widely regarded as one of the most stylish celebs on TV and it seems that Hollie Rose will follow this fashion sense!

2. Blue Ivy Carter

Arguably the world’s most famous baby, Blue Ivy has a lot to live up to due to her superstar parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Beyonce is considered as a fashion icon and we are in no doubt that her daughter will be too.

1. Harper Seven Beckham

Who else would be at number one?! Harper has two of the most stylish parents in the world so it’s no surprise that the youngest member of the Beckham family has taken the top spot.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing our list of stylish celebrity kids! Despite the financial situation of these children, it is not always money which defines how fashionable you are, it is about how you choose to wear your clothes. What do you think of our list? Got any style ideas for your children? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.


Post By Ruby Lovell