We all remember as children that the most fun activities that we took part in typically involved mess. From painting to sandboxes and water, messy play is a great way to help children develop their understanding of different textures whilst having fun. With so many different crafts to do – and now with the task of cleaning up the mess – it can be difficult as parents to know which messy crafts to create for our children with ease. Here at Daisy Baby we have created a great selection of fun easy craft ideas for kids that will generate lots of laugher and great memories for years to come.


1. Make Your Own Silly Putty

Everyone remembers playing with silly putty as a child and now you can make it yourself. This craft is a dream for parents as it generates minimal mess but still allows children to squish and squash the putty around in their hands. There are many different tried and tested methods of making silly putty, but our favourite method only involves three ingredients PVA glue, food colouring and laundry detergent. Simply mix them all together until they form a stiff mixture and enjoy.

2. Finger Painting


Who doesn't love finger painting? This messy craft is simply perfect for kids and is also a brilliant outdoor activity. Gather lots of different colours and let your child make their own designs. To make the craft even more exciting, play pictionary and get your children to draw using the paint. A brilliant messy idea that the whole family can enjoy.

3. Leaf Art

There are always leaves available in the garden, so why not collect them and turn them into art? Get a large piece of paper and let your child go wild, sticking the leaves and drawing their own design. This easy craft ideas will also help children get in touch with nature.

4. Potato Printing


A classic, but one that all children love. Cut shapes into potatoes and watch as your children create colourful prints. A wonderful craft that allows them to experience different textures.

5. Sandbox

You don't have to be at the beach to enjoy sand. From building castles to digging and pouring, sand is simply brilliant and will keep children occupied for hours. Invest in a sandbox or simply fill a small plastic carton with sand. For a twist, use coloured sand to create great combinations.

6. Create Your Own T-Shirt

Bring out your child's inner fashion designer and let them create their own t-shirt designs. Use blow pens, paint, spray paint or prints to make interesting designs that your child will love. End the day with a fashion show, to let your little ones show off their creations.

7. Bubbles


Bubbles always create a smile, especially when they are coloured. Add a dash of food colouring to water and washing-up liquid and create bubbles that burst with bright colours. A brilliant easy craft idea for kids that will generate lots of giggles as they chase them around the garden.

Do you have any great messy craft ideas that you love to do with your child? Let us know by messaging us on our Google+ or Facebook pages or tweet us @DaisyBabyShop

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith