Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and for those that are travelling to see friends and relatives for the Christmas holidays, having a baby in tow can make the journey seem as though is going to be a long one. Here at Daisy Baby we have put together a simple guide to help make travelling with a baby a little less stressful.


Make A List

As a parent, it is well known that nothing gets done without a firm plan. To take the pressure off a journey make sure that you create a huge list that includes everything from what is packed to how many snacks you are going to take. Having everything in front of you in black and white will take the weight off your mind allow you to feel satisfied after you have checked everything off.

Keep Organised

Throughout the entire journey. This can seem like a big ask when travelling with a baby but a clear plan helps keep a clear head. If you are travelling by car, keep everything to hand and easily organised such as snacks, toys and all of those essentials in a simple back seat organiser. If you are on the train or plane, then organize your changing bag into sections so you can easily access what you baby needs without needlessly rummaging. These small things will make a big difference in situations where your baby needs comforting, making the overall journey that little less stressful.

Keeping Your Child Entertained

Travelling is quite a boring task for adults, so imagine how your baby must be feeling when you are stuck in traffic or delayed for a couple of hours. Help keep your child entertained by making a game of the entire event. Play eye-spy, make notes of what you can see, supply them with toys and keep your cool. If you are stressed about the situation then this will in turn create an atmosphere that your little one will pick up on straight away.

Travelling When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be quite stressful when travelling due to the lack of comfort. If you are travelling by car, make regular stops to ensure that your baby isn't disturbed by sudden car movements. If you are on the plane and feel as though you don't have enough room, then ask if they can offer you a seat with slightly more leg room. To help give your baby a little privacy, use a breastfeeding cover that allows the air to circulate keeping you both happy.

Keeping A Routine

Travelling can cause upset in all areas of your baby's life, so in order to keep a routine make their experience as normal as possible.Some babies find it difficult to settle down in a strange setting so walk around with your baby either in a pushchair or attached to you in a sling to help soothe them. Also give them a comforter that holds familiar scents to reassure them of your presence. Soft travel cots and blankets are also specially designed to help your baby drift off into a natural sleep and are easy to assemble, making your trip away that little more enjoyable.

From all of us at Daisy Baby we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith