You may have seen some recent new additions to our store: the fantastic Pourty Potties! Specially designed to make potty training easier and to minimise the mess, they’re also super-comfortable so that children aren’t put off using them.

While they make the potty training itself a much easier task, it can be difficult to decide when to start. So, for today’s blog, I’m going to share some signs that you should look for that will tell you when your child is ready to move on from nappies.

They have bladder control.

Children under 18 months have no control over the muscles in their bladder and bowel, making potty training almost impossible. However, it becomes much easier once they reach 2 years old.  Bear in mind, though, that how quickly toddlers potty train is genetic and is easier for girls to get the hang of.

They’re aware that they’re doing a poo or a wee.

Again, your child will start to do this at around 18 months. They may stop playing and stand still, concentrating, or tell you that they’ve done a poo or wee. Other signs include tugging at their nappy or, if they wee with their nappy off, staring with interest at the puddle.

They’re interested in the potty or toilet.

Your child may have mentioned that they’d like a go at using the potty or the toilet themselves, perhaps when accompanying you. It’s a good idea to encourage this role-play, even if nothing happens.

Once you know that your child is ready, the next step is to prepare for potty training. There are a couple of things you should consider. Firstly, don’t start potty training when your child is ill or perhaps miserable with teething. Instead, pick a day when they are happy and healthy. Also, it’s best to start potty training when it’s the summer so that your little one can potter about without a nappy on. The summer also means you can easily dry all the extra laundry you’ll be going through!

In our next blog we’ll share some tips that will help to make potty training that much easier. Be sure to head over to our main site to check out the fantastic Pourty Potty for yourself. We’d also love to hear your potty training tips and techniques, so leave a comment below or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and we’ll share the best ones in the next blog!

Post By Marc