For those of you who have never visited Mumsnet before, I highly recommend that you do! It’s a fantastic site for parents to gather and share tips, stories and so much more. And it’s not just for parents of babies, either; it can help you out right up until your children leave home.

I was browsing it just this morning, and I came across reviews for various Mei Tai slings. While these reviews are for more expensive slings (costing upwards of £65!), they’re a great way to see just how easy the slings are to use from real parents who have been using them with their own children.

Our Mei Tai slings are just as well made, but for the much more reasonable price of £19.99. They work in exactly the same way, not to mention that we have the UK’s widest range of colours and designs! We even have Mei Tais with a hood and pocket for only £3 more.

Simply follow the links below to the Mumsnet review page, then come to Daisy Baby for all of your Mei Tai slings as well as a wide range of childcare accessories and so much more.

Mumsnet Reviews for Slings & Carriers

Post By Marc