For babies and young children, Bonfire Night is an exciting time. With lots of bangs, colours, lights and all new different smells, babies will enjoy the magic of the evening. But along with this exciting time is the worry that your baby or child will be too frightened, suffer with the cold or be exposed to other dangers. Here at Daisy Baby we have put together a guide to celebrating a bonfire night for children and making the occasion fun for you and your baby.


Assess The Dangers

Before you head out with your little one it is best that you assess what you can expect from the experience. Think about the environment, is it going cold or busy? If this is the case and you are taking small toddlers think about using reins or taking extra layers with you so they can wrap up as the evening goes on. Preparing yourself before you go out will give you piece of mind and help you stay in control of the situation.

Loud Noises and Smoke

If this is the first experience that your baby has had of loud noises then attempt to protect their ears with earmuffs. Never use earplugs with young children and babies as this could cause serious damage. If you are particularly wary of loud noises then keep a safe distance from the fireworks whilst still obtaining a good view. Keep newborns away from bonfire night as this can cause damage to their delicate ears. When near a bonfire or a fireworks display make sure that children are kept with you at all times and stand away from where the smoke is travelling. To much exposure to smoke and other fumes can cause eyes to sting and create a chesty cough that could serously damage your baby or child's lungs.

Dealing With Fear

A bonfire night for children is often a great time that they enjoy. If your child expresses any uncontrollable fear, try having your own firework night at home where they can watch from the window. A controlled space helps them feel more secure and will encourage them to hopefully venture out the following year.

Coping With Weather Changes

A bonfire night for children is a great opportunity to expose them to new and exciting things, but this can be ruined if a child gets cold. For babies make sure that their head, hands and feet are covered and that they feel secure. Use a sling to keep baby close to your body and make sure that you carry an umbrella or a waterproof if the weather turns bad. With children, carry plenty of extra layers, gloves, hats, scarves and blankets, especially if you have to sit anywhere of a long period of time.

Whatever event you are attending this Bonfire Night, make sure that you stay safe and have fun.

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith