FootmuffLet’s face it, this is Britain and it’s almost always cold, all of the time, all year long!  While you’re getting stuck into the fabulous January sales, you’re going to want to make sure your own little ray of sunshine is nice and snuggly-warm in their pram.  Let me introduce you to our range of super cosy footmuffs!  Footmuffs are an absolute blessing: if you've ever tried just tucking a blanket in around your baby you’ll know what I mean!  You’ll end up stopping every five minutes to tuck it back in after they've kicked it off.


Our Universal Cosytoe Footmuff is the best versatile option for your baby’s optimum comfort.   The 100% polyester fleece lining provides lots of warmth and padding to keep the chill from your baby in all weathers and are spacious enough to allow your little one to move freely or bundle them up in layers for extra cosiness.  These gorgeous footmuffs feature a universal fitting for any pushchair or buggy and ensure complete security with 5 point harnesses.  When the weather starts to warm up, the front apron can be easily unzipped to leave a multi-purpose, comfortable seat pad.

We love our Universal Cosytoe Footmuffs, but we are particularly smitten with the Hauck 2 Way Reversible Cosytoe Footmuff.  With all the advantages detailed above, the Hauck 2 Way can be one of…well, 2 Ways!  Designed specifically for weather optimisation, opting to have the navy blue side facing outward maximises heat absorption during those Winter months, whereas reversing the footmuff to have the white side facing out reflects sunlight away from your baby so your little one doesn't become overheated, but still remains comfortably cosy.Cosytoe Footmuff

With ample space to allow your baby to move around and grow – as they do – you’ll certainly be making an investment.  We’d quite like an adult-sized one please…

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