Now that we’ve spent some time looking at the Mei Tai sling, it’s time to move on to the ring sling. Like the Mai Tei, the ring sling can be used in a variety of different positions and is an excellent first step into the world of babywearing.

There is a lot of discussion over what is best for babywearing; a ring sling or a Mei Tai sling. Really, it all comes down to personal choice for you and your baby. Some babies settle better in different slings and some parents find different slings more secure or more comfortable. If you’ve struggled with one type of sling, it doesn’t mean that babywearing isn’t for you; you just maybe need to try a different sling or carry type.

Before we look at how the ring sling is tied, we first have to look at the introduction to it. You see, the ring sling is ‘threaded’ and half put on in the same way for any carrying type. Once you have the ring sling ‘set up’, then you put your baby in and adjust it to how you want it.

Firstly, you want to get to know your ring sling. At one end you’ll have the rings and at the other you’ll have what is known as the tail. The sides of the slings are known as rails; the one furthest away from you is the front rail and the one between you and your baby is the back rail. To loosen the sling, you simply pull on the front ring. However, you must be careful to remember that you should never tighten a sling with a baby in it. Instead, hold your baby where you want him and then tighten the sling to where he is.

Getting the ring sling ready for your baby is known as ‘threading’ and this is how you do it:

  • Hold the rings of your sling in one hand, letting the rest of the sling hang down.
  • Pull the tail of the ring through both of the rings.
  • Pull the tail back through the top ring, like a belt.
  • Pop the sling over your head and one arm so that the rings are at about the height of your armpit, the seam sits on your shoulder and the tail hangs down your front.

That’s your ring sling threaded and ready for your baby! In next week’s blog, we’ll look at the different ways to tighten your sling, and what sort of ages each method is suitable for.

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Post By Marc