Travelling with a child can be incredibly stressful for any parent and their car. With the array of travel essentials that need to be taken including, food, activities and drinks, the back of your car can quickly become worn and unrecognisable. Of course being a busy travelling parent means that your car will always be chaotic right? Well here at Daisy Baby we are making our mission to help make travelling with a child a mess free experience, allowing you to keep your car looking squeaky clean and protected from the perils of the school run.


Protecting The Seats

Travelling with a child comes with a lot of extra essentials, and this puts a lot of stress on your car seats. The main culprit for this isn't however the few odd biscuit crumbs but actually your child's car seat. Whether you are constantly using a baby carrier or a removable child seat, constant use can create unsightly scrapes, discolouring and even rips on your car's seats. There are a lot of different protectors that help prevent this whilst helping to keep your child's seat in a comfortable position. With a universal fit and solid back and sides, many protectors will last the length of your child's seat preventing extra costs towards repairs.

seat protector

Restless Feet

All children don't like to be sat still for too long, causing them to kick or tap the back of the front car seats. This inevitably creates scratches and dents in the seats which will diminish the cars value considerably. Luckily our range of back seat protectors, help to cushion the blow of kicks and stop harsh shoe grips from destroying the look of the car. Easy to use, these protectors can be left in the car all year round.

back seat protector


Finding that special toy, snack or even baby wipes when travelling with children can seem next to impossible, especially if you are travelling with a lot of luggage. Staying on top of your little one's needs on a long trip can be made that much easier with our range of brilliant organisers. Featuring a clever design, the organisers don't take up any extra room in the car, using extra space that can be easily reached by you and your child. Perfect for creating a more peaceful journey.

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Seat Belts

If your child is a bit older, sleeping or resting against a seat belt can be incredibly uncomfortable causing your child to become irritable. To help make the journey more enjoyable and of course help prevent your seat belts getting bend out of shape, belt pillows are simply perfect. Designed to be soft against your child's skin and also incredibly comfortable to rest against, these cleverly designed travel essentials will become a must have for any journey. Helping to protect against general wear and tear.

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For our full range of products that will help make your car interior child proof click here.


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Lauren Smith