Photo: Gytha69

Decorating your own Easter eggs is great fun and a brilliant way to keep the kids entertained while you’re trying to cook the roast!  There are two different ways that you can decorate your eggs. You can either hard boil them or carefully pierce the egg and blow the yoke out – however, if you want to avoid tears over cracked eggs, I’d recommend the hard boiled option.

If you think your kids will want to keep the eggs after they’ve so beautifully decorated them, then it’s best to blow the yoke out of your eggs, hard boiled eggs will begin to smell terrible after a few days!  They’ll just have to be extra careful when decorating their eggs shells (who am I kidding?).


What You Will Need

  • Eggs (obviously)
  • A large pan
  • Paint & Paint Brushes, Felt Tip Pens, sequins, tissue paper, glue or all of the above.
To boil your eggs, place them in a pan of cool water and put on the stove to boil.  If you put your eggs straight into boiling water there’s a chance they’ll crack from the sudden change in pressure and temperature.  It’s best to prepare your eggs early so that they’ve had plenty of time to cool down before decorating.

Once your eggs are nice and cool, prepare your kitchen table with old newspapers or a waterproof tablecloth - unless you like colourful fingerprints of course - and make sure you're got aprons for your little ones too.  If you’re feeling brave, you can use acrylic paints and let your little ones finger paint their eggs, or opt for the safer choice of paint brushes.  Watercolour paints are great for particularly mess monsters and wash out of clothes and upholstery easily.


Set out all of the paints, pens and crafty bits on the table and let kids get cracking!  Felt tips pens with thick nibs are a great way for kids to get really creative and add lots of detail, as is colourful tissue paper, sequins or anything else you can imagine?

For added fun, mix food colouring with water and paint eggs for use in an egg salad – eggs are porous so the white egg underneath will become whatever colour you paint it, you’re kids will love a pink egg salad!

Photo: Babyben

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