The anticipation of a baby’s birth is always an exciting time and it is an occasion to be celebrated with those close to you. In fact, any party is a perfect diversion for a mother-to-be as the end of pregnancy draws near. However, baby showers do not only have to be for women only, they are becoming more and more popular for both men and women. When throwing a party, there is always a lot to think about but hopefully our guide will help you to make your plans much more efficiently.

Planning A Shower

  • Location, time and date should all be at the top of your list when planning a party. Ideally, it is better if the shower is located somewhere other than the mother-to-be’s house to avoid unnecessary worry for her. Perhaps booking a room at a local hall or community centre would be an ideal location for the group.
  • When arranging an invitation list, remember to consult with the mother or father-to-be to ensure no one important gets missed out.
  • Considering what to do for the shower is also an important part to consider. Serving food and drink is always a safe option, but you might also want to include some fun games and activities to keep guests entertained.
  • On another note, there is the issue of money which always seems to come into the equation in one way or another. As the party organiser, you aren’t expected to pay for it all, so asking for a contribution from each of the guests would be a good idea.
  • As for the main gift, if all guests chip in for a combined present, then it can be bigger and more valuable.
Baby Shower Tips
  • Prizes for games may be an excellent way of keeping guests entertained and will encourage them to participate.
  • It is perfectly fine to arrange a baby shower after the baby is born. That way, guests can bring gifts appropriate to your baby’s sex.
  • Choosing a theme can help tie everything together. It creates a fun atmosphere and gives guests something to aim for.
  • Think very carefully about throwing a surprise baby shower. It may not turn out to be as memorable as you’d hoped.
  • Ensure the parents-to-be are happy with the arrangements as ultimately, they will be the stars of the show.
Gift Ideas
  • Jewellery - giving a baby something valuable they can keep for years to come is a thoughtful gift.
  • Teddybear - all children love to have something to cuddle, so make sure yours is an extra special soft toy.
  • Photo frame - parents treasure photographs of their little one, therefore a fine photo frame would be a welcome gift.
  • Bake a cake or make something unique and personal.
  • Treats for Mum - an indulgent weekend, a restaurant meal or a gift voucher will all be greatly appreciated by a new Mum who deserves to put her feet up!

A new bundle of joy is an exciting gift enough, but a fun and entertaining baby shower will make this momentous occasion even more special. Your efforts will also be greatly appreciated by the parents-to-be and this will be a valuable memory when it is your turn. Make sure your party is one to remember!

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Post By Ruby Lovell