The big day is nearly here, and if you are a new parent you probably already have an idea in mind of how you wish to celebrate your baby's very first Christmas. But in all of the chaos of ripping open presents, cooking the dinner and being the perfect host taking photos may be the last thing on your mind. Here at Daisy Baby we believe that every child's first moments are special, and to help you to capture perfect images of this magical time of year we have put together a few baby Christmas photo ideas that you will cherish forever. So whilst the turkey is roasting in the oven, take out the camera and start recording your baby's first Christmas.


The Perfect Baby Christmas Photo

The joy that is expressed at Christmas time is one that simply shines through the camera lens, so don't worry if you don't have all of the fancy equipment that your local photographer has. Sometimes the beauty of the moment is shown not with the perfect lighting but with the joy on your baby's face. So the images on your baby's big day don't have to be “perfect” but simply meaningful to you. Below are a few fun ideas that you can create with very little effort, just that of encouraging your baby to look at the lens.

Christmas Book

This baby Christmas photo idea is for children at around 10 months old. Get your little one to sit in their pyjamas and hold their favourite Christmas story. This lovely scene shows the anticipation for the arrival of Christmas and also allows you to get a cute snap of them in their pyjamas. If your child is a little younger, take an image of them lying down and holding their book to the camera.

The Wonder Of The Tree

Have a family member hold your baby up close to the trees and take an image of their smiling face as they are overwhelmed by the beautiful lights.

Santa Hat

Nothing is cuter than a baby in an oversized Santa hat, simply place it on your baby's head and take a photo of their smiling face hiding under it.

Present Box

A really simple idea, but one that you are guaranteed to hand out to all of your relatives as your next Christmas card. This baby Christmas photo idea is for children who are confident sitting up. Decorate a box to look like a present and place a pillow inside for your baby to sit on. Capture your baby peeking over the top with a mischievous grin for a fun family favourite.

Christmas Lights

Perfect for young infants, simply lay your little one on a blanket and scatter Christmas lights all around them. Take the image from above, for an incredibly cute photo. For an even more festive look, dress your baby in a Christmas outfit.

Waiting for Santa

A great idea for the night before Christmas. Place your little one by the fireplace and capture them as they eagerly wait for Santa to arrive.

Opening Presents

Take lots of brilliant images of your baby opening their presents with excitement on Christmas morning. Place them with their back to the Christmas tree for a wonderful background.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Post By Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith